A Barbie World

When I was growing up, Cindy and Cheryl across the street had every Barbie you could ever imagine.

And every car and house.

At least that is how I remember it.

Luckily, they let me come and play all the time.

To the best of my memory, I had three Barbie dolls – Sonny, Cher and The Bionic Woman.

I guess I was into TV Show dolls.

The Bionic Woman was my favorite because her “skin” rolled up to reveal her electronics.

bionic woman

(source – come on, you know you are making that running music in your head!)

If you are reading this post and don’t know who the Bionic Woman is, please don’t tell me because it will make me feel really old.

Having two girls, I thought there would be lots of Barbies in my life, but they were more of the dress-up clothes and baby doll kind of girls.

So, the whole Barbie thing was not my thing.

However, recently we went to the Toys’R’ Us store in NYC Time Square and we had to go in the Giant Barbie Dream House, right?

Inside, this is what I found.

barbie collage

If I were ever a Barbie, this is who I would want to be, a Barbie dressed in Pantone Color Swatches.

Does it get any better than that?

Do you think they make this dress in my size?


Earlier in the day, I did my job as a Mother and properly introduced Sunshine to what Anthropolgie is really all about.


She gets it.

We dabbled in the clothing, but after the $188 pair of orange capri jeans she spied, we stayed in the home section to be inspired.

Hubby and Peanut waited in the courtyard outside.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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13 thoughts on “A Barbie World”


  1. Laura I went to Anthro for my first time a couple of weeks ago, let me just say I drooled, and drooled! Not just at what they were selling but how they have it all set up, I was in love! It will now become a tradition of mine to go every season just to see what they are doing. I loved Urban Outfitters too! And I spent a whopping 32 bucks on some lotion, yep I did, the bottle was too hard to pass up, looks perfect by my farm sink! BTW totally with you on the Barbies!

  2. Pantone Barbie? That is crazy funny.

    I had Donny & Marie dolls in the mid 70’s, along with their albums . I am actually related to them in a distant way so that was my way of hanging with my relatives ( since they never knew I existed. LOL.)

  3. Hi…I am really inspired a lot because of your post here…I do appreciate this. Very attractive image that catch my attention they look really great! Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo…

  4. Laura…what a great Barbie!!!…I am so happy that you and your daughter had such a wonderful shopping experience…I am UNFORTUNATELY 15 minutes from an Anthropologie store…it is next to the Pottery Barn..so talk about shopping delight close by….

    I am looking forward to the day that my granddaughter will be interested in going to those shops..right now..it is Toys R Us , Leggo, and Build A Bear …. but that’s o.k….the look of joy on her face when she strolls thru those stores melts my heart…and my pocketbook!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family!!…I am off to High Point, NC today for a great sale!..

  5. I LOVED my multitude of barbies and they were constantly played with by myself and friends. I’m 46 and still have a few left in the toy box at my parents with the handmade clothes. I too had the Sunshine family Lisa:) Many happy memories!

  6. My wife was not into Barbie when she was little, but bought everything she could for her neice.
    I think we buy for others what we want(ed) for ourselves.
    That was 10 years before our daughter was born. Her neice still has boxes and boxes of Barbie.
    And now an almost 2 year old son 🙂 No playing Barbie yet.


  7. Don’t you just love when the younger generation makes you feel old with one innocent comment?
    The 20-something carpet expert at Home Depot didn’t know that Michael Jackson was a child star with his brothers in The Jackson 5. Geez I’m an old geezer.

  8. I love that store!!…will you take me next time?
    Barbie, Midge and I were great friends in the early 60’s. My girlfriend and I played for hours. Back in the day there was only one Barbie …not like today.