6 DIY Furniture Projects & Patting Yourself on The Back


I will talk about DIY furniture projects in a moment, but why don’t we first talk about patting yourself on the back.

Do you ever struggle between really wanting to take on a new project and trying to pace yourself?  I do.

Is your head ever so full of ideas but you are just struggling with the time to get to everything?  I do.

Is your mind completely blank but you want to make some more changes?  Mine is.

Well, I think we all need to just take a breath.

We need to appreciate and pat ourselves on the back for what we HAVE finished.

Even if the only thing we have finished is dinner.

Even if it was take out.

But, I know if you really look back – you have accomplished a lot.  In your home, with your family, your faith and all the areas that important to you.  So take a moment now and pat yourself on the back.

Getting our desks finished this week was kind of a pat on the back for me.  It was such a sense of accomplishment that took a ridiculous amount of time to complete.  Let’s just say when we cut the doors down to size to use, there was snow on the ground.

And now, I am fully aware of the two looming large projects we have yet to complete in the office.  So instead of stressing about what isn’t done, I thought I would reflect back on the furniture projects we have completed.

Like our first DIY project – our daughter’s daybed that we “Frankensteined” together from many parts.

DIY Daybed Tutorial

And in her room we also decoupaged an IKEA desk to make it perfectly suit her room.

DIY decoupaged map desk

And our Sharpie art coffee table that is in our office.

Sharpie Art Coffee Table

And speaking of our office, here is our nail head trim upholstered table.  By the way, last night I left a cold water cup on it and all the condensation wiped right off.  You gotta love that marine quality vinyl.


And our towel rack built from a footboard.  This was another one that took forever to complete!

DIY Footboard Towel Rack

And I really can’t make a list like this and not include our new desks made from doors!


At some point, we will add to the list “customized craft cabinet” and “built in desk for two”.  But in the meantime, I am just going to appreciate what is already done and I hope that you do the same!

Wishing you a beautiful day and thanks for reading!


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8 thoughts on “6 DIY Furniture Projects & Patting Yourself on The Back”


  1. Great job my friend! Those desks look amazing! You certainly should be proud of ALL your accomplishments! xoxo

  2. I’m just like you. Sometimes I feel as if my head is gong to burst with all the ideas I have swimming around in there. After reading your post I realized I should be very proud of all we have accomplished this year instead of beating my self up for all that I didn’t. We totally redid three bedrooms We made a headboard out of an old door that I saved from a dumpster and totally adore. We also made curtains for all three rooms out of drop cloths and many more projects. So today I am patting myself on the back and am very appreciative all that we finished.

    I love the map desk and the desk made from doors and the towel rack and well pretty much everything I love. Great job!

  3. Before now, I have never been a fan of decoupaged projects but I absolutely LOVE that map desk. Very nicely done. You are very talented. Where did you get the herringbone rug? I would love something like that in my Family Room.

  4. You’re so right.
    I have lots of ideas floating around in my head, and it is overwhelming sometimes.

    It is a great idea to stop and look around at all we have accomplished around our house.