5 Fall Mantel Decorating ideas

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas and Inspiration

Okay, I have to say it.


Although we still have one week left till our girls go back to school, I am thinking about fall.

Fall Shelf VignetteFall Shelf Vignette


I am thinking about cool nights and crisp air.

And admit it, you are too?  Even just a little bit?

Enchanting Fall MantelEnchanting Fall Mantel

Since we have lived in our home, I have loved decorating our mantel.  It seems to be the first place that I change with the seasons and it seems to set the tone for everything else I do for the season.

Fall Mantel DecoratingRustic Fall Mantel

And I think it is also sentimental for me because it is one of the first few projects I shared on the blog.  With each one, I seem to have a different approach – and there is no doubt my photography skills have improved greatly from the first one.

Thanksgiving Fall Mantel  Thanksgiving Mantel


And this first project is still one of my favorites.  The photography is terrible, but it is where I first started to discover my love of sharing my projects in the beautiful world call “blogland”.

Halloween Fall Decorating Halloween Mantel

I know as soon as the kids are back in school next week, I will be ready to take down “Glenda the Happy Whale” and figure out what will come next.

How about you, how and where do you start you decorating for fall?

If you would like to see some of my other mantel projects, you can visit here.

You can also visit my “Finding Fall” Pinterest board for more ideas for fall decorating.


Thanks so much for reading, and wishing you a great day.


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14 thoughts on “5 Fall Mantel Decorating ideas”


  1. Laura I’m feeling the tick as well, we go back 9/9 so I still have some time but secretly wishing for Fall too! There’s something magical about the air, colors and smells that doesn’t happen any other time of year. And I will be ever so grateful to gain back a few ‘mom hours’ uninterrupted during the day, I crave that time like an addiction.

  2. Adorable post! I said Uncle too….I cannot wait for Fall. who am I kidding… lol and don’t be so hard on your old photos, they’re better then mine! I need to take a class.

    I can’t pick a favorite Fall pic of mine, but definitely love the feather wreath!

  3. wonderful mantles Laura! Every design inspires me!
    Kids here started back school weeks ago and we’ve had cool temps here and there…so I’m so ready for fall!
    I changed out my mantle yesterday and I’m surrounded by the rest of my fall ‘stuff’ that I’ll put out today…sooooo ready!

  4. I’m ready for fall and I love doing the fall decos! Your mantles are beautiful!
    I have a question for you….our mantle is 6′ off the ground. I love the look of a lamp or two, and we REALLY need the additional light….but……what do you do about looking at the mantle and seeing lightbulbs glaring from the lower edge of the shade???? I tried longer shades, but then the lamps looked REALLY funny!
    What to do….what to do??????
    Thank you for any insight!

  5. Every mantel is beautiful and so professionally styled. I always love how you whip up a good mantel! Gorgeous!

    My kids started school yesterday so I’m ready for fall decor but the weather won’t turn cool here in TX until late October. Which means I usually have to start decorating with faux stuff otherwise everything will be rotten by Halloween. Nonetheless, I’m itching to start so I say bring on fall!

  6. Oh, I’m right there with you. I didn’t break out the pumpkins yet, but I switched my front door wreath and I’m hanging the heavier drapes in our master bedroom this week. I’m definitely ready to cozy things up. =)

  7. I have no problem admitting that Fall is my favorite season. I try to wait to decorate until after Labor Day but it’s difficult.
    I usually decorate the mantel in the dining room first then add a few decorations to the bookcase in the hallway. I even have a lamp I use exclusively in Fall. The dishes I use in Fall are different from the rest of the year as well.

    Great post. I especially enjoyed the Halloween mantel.

  8. Love all your mantle ideas for fall…
    It’s most definitely my favorite time of the year. FOR SURE.
    With that said, you KNOW I’ve already started thinking about it.
    I’ll light my first fall candle this time after labor day. for real.

  9. I agree about feeling Fall-y! I love to wait for the first really chilly day, preferably rainy to make things feel real cozy inside. Then I make a hot cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee and watch “You’ve Got Mail” for the millionth time!

  10. I love all of these! I am feeling the pull of Fall too 🙂 Thing is, this is my first time in a house (had an apartment before, and it seemed silly to decorate such a small space…) so I still have to DIY/thrift all of my seasonal decorations! Thanks for the ideas!

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  12. Greetings Laura,
    Your Fall mantels are very inspiring!
    I started my Fall decorating two weeks ago, when my daughter went back to school. Yay, Fall Season! I just simply come alive during the Fall season, which is my favorite time of the year, right after Easter. Although in Florida we really don’t get the spectacular nature show, my family and I head out North in October to visit family and friends, and every year we wind up in Vermont. Now that’s the Lord’s kanvas right there. It’s just breathtaking!
    I do not have a mantel, but I do have a great front entrance table, and that’s where I start my Fall decorating. I’m still not done yet. Although I try to decorate in woodsy browns to keep it as close to nature as possible, I throw in a little splash of color, like after a grouping of nature I’ll include something small and orange, or yellow, or plum color. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

    Happy Fall!

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