$30 or $225?

As I said I would, today I am sharing some of the items I picked up at Brimfield for myself.

The very first collection I started was Liberty Blue Transferware.

Rest of kitchen 147

This is some of my collection in my kitchen hutch.

I was given three dishes in college, just for use, but then I started seeing pieces at vintage and antique shops and they were very affordable.

I began picking up pieces one by one for the last twenty years – I love how each piece depicts a scene from American history.

I am even lucky enough to have a teapot given to me by my Hubby’s Grandmother.

We use these plates and pieces everyday, they are not stashed away for special occasions (okay, I don’t use the ones that are propped because but I have a lot of plates and it would be a pain to get them down – I do use the platter).

But one piece always eluded me – I had never even seen one in person.

Last year, it was rumored to be an estate sale I was at but then no one could find it.


Within ten minutes of arriving at Brimfield I happened upon a booth that had not one, but two soup tureens!

One of them was in pristine condition and was $225…

and the other had two chips in the lid and cost $30.

Which one do you think I bought?


To be able to place it in my hutch for only $30 – you bet I bought the chipped one.

I figure we are all a little chipped and dented, why not our pottery!

If I were to spend $225 ( which by the way, I just never would) on a piece like this, I would never use it and would always be nervous about breaking it.

You can’t even see the chips when they are in my hutch.

I also figure someday I may find a lonely cover with no pot – you just never know!

I also found…

This fabulous brown transferware casserole.  I actually was mentioning to my friend that I was looking for brown transferware in a booth.  The owner of the booth heard me, went to the booth next door, negotiated a lower price and brought this lovely piece over to me.  I thought that was very sweet and gracious of her.

I was smitten with the shape and the little village scene on it.



I also bought this tray from a lovely woman ( I wish I had not lost her card).  I could have stayed in her booth all day and chatted with her.

She is also the person who declared to me that “the economy is back”.  She was leaving a day early because she had already restocked and her booth was sold out.

We heard several people talking about how well the show had been going for them, the best they had seen in years.


I also picked up some vintage silverware from the “imperfect” bins.  I was drawn to patterns that had little interesting work or the little boxes that could be filled with words.


I disciplined myself in only getting four Tole trays – there were quite a few at great prices.

I saw the one on the top left the first day as we drove away and went back for it the next day, I paid a little more than I would have liked, but the colors are just so pretty.

My girlfriend found the small ones that I love – I don’t have anything that size and the other large was just too good of a deal to pass up.

I can’t wait to get these hung in my dining room with the other I already have.


We actually ended up not going back to Brimfield on the final day but did hit some yard sales where I found this amazing blanket.  The lady was so pleased that I really liked it as it had been made my someone in their family and had been kept in an Adirondack home.


Speaking of broken things, I would like you to meet a friend my daughter picked out a few weeks ago at an estate sale.  I carefully wrapped him in some linens so nothing would happen to him.

You guessed it, I totally forgot, picked up said linens and the turtle came crashing to the floor broken in many pieces.

I may or may not have cursed loud enough for my children to hear.


I assumed it was a lost cause.

But my children gathered all pieces and showed me we could put him together.

It took us about an hour, all of the seams are not tight, and there is a hole in his neck – but he sits  proudly on our mantel holding flowers that my daughter gave me.

See, just as you read all over blogland, it doesn’t have to perfect…

And my daughter still loves it regardless.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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9 thoughts on “$30 or $225?”


  1. I love the $30. tureen , you bets ya I would have bought that one and love the brown transfeware one
    I have wanted to go to Brimfield for 3 years now , I am just gonna have to go by myself

    I have read on different blogs how wonderful it is , a little pricy compared to Missouri prices


  2. That’s awesome, getting the one for $30. And the vintage silverware! It doesn’t even have to be vintage for me to love it. When our kids were in college (BYU, Provo UT) we used to go to a place called DI’s (Deseret Industries) and I always found silverware treasures there. I miss that.

  3. You brought home some lovely finds, and the stories of your visit have been very enjoyable to read. What a great lesson the kids learned helping each other to put the little piece back together-so many things are easily discarded today.

  4. Hi Laura, I absolutely love all your finds but I gotta say the lil’ white turtle is my favorite. His lil’ story makes him even more special. I could relate to breaking something that I had forgotten and I KNOW I said a few choice words as well : )
    Have a wonderful weekend ~

  5. Oh I so love every one of your transferware pieces. They are all fabulous. I also totally adore the turtle. Hugs, Marty

  6. You found 2 soup tureens…well I hope you played the lottery!!! My collection has grown too, it gives me great pleasure. I enjoy your blog and always enjoy stories about Liberty Blue!

  7. Laura,

    I would have done the same thing…go for the $30 one…wonderful piece and I just really love the blue and white pattern…I am definitely going to have to start looking for those…Love all things Americana!
    You have raised your children so wonderfully…for them to react to the broken turtle that way is amazing…such great attitudes…I know you are so proud of them. He looks so very cute on the mantel.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I love transferware! I don’t have any yet… Speaking of things not perfect, when I bought my car a few years ago the price was right and I loved it. There is a dent on the right side and was offered to fix it for $400 by the used car dealer. I said no thanks cause then I don’t have to feel bad if I dent the car. Curbs tend to jump out at me (I think it’s an visual perception problem) or me driving too close. sigh! The thing is that if I see the right side of my car I know it’s mine. Maybe the dent would be worse to me if it was on the left side. lol Instead all the kids (I have only one but I drive friends places) have to deal with the dent.

  9. Laura,
    I think it is wonderful you bought the tureen with the memories already attached. It just shows you which one was used and which one sat in a box or cupboard.
    The crocheted throw is similar to ones my grandma made. She was able to use up the odds and ends from other projects. The more colors the better.
    Your turtle reminds me of the china reindeer my kids found on the shoulder of the road walking home from the school bus. They glued it together and gave it to their mom for Christmas. She loves it so much it is in bookcase year round.
    ps your Liberty Blue was the first thing I noticed when I found your Blog and took your online house tour.