2012 Home Goals

Since I have laid out my business goals for the year, I thought I would also share my home goals for 2012.

The Nester is hosting a link party today and it is a great place to stop by and be inspired for your own goals.

There is nothing pretty here today.

***Warning, if you can’t stand the sight of rooms / spaces that are undecorated and in a state of complete disarray, please do not continue reading!***

1. Finally re-do our home office

I can’t even believe I am showing a picture of this.  It looks this way because no one works or stays in her other than to throw something in.  The space just does not work for our family.  I am currently working at our kitchen table.

2012 goals 007

2012 goals 009

When it is done, I would like the space to:

– Have a work space for me – I really prefer to have a large working surface, plus a smaller surface behind me.  I also am leaning towards having a clean white work surface.
– A work space for my husband with plenty of file storage.  He is much less particular about his space but has told me he prefers to keep things as open as possible.
– A homework space for both of my kids.
-A comfortable place to lounge, watch tv, play a game, do a craft.

This is probably a lot to ask of one space.  It is a nice size space, but an awkward layout.  I am putting on my thinking cap to use the space better.

Right now it is acting as a land of misfit furniture along with storage for the new (vintage) furniture that is staying.  It all looks crazy now, but my plan is for a bright and colorful space.  I want my family to be in this space together.  If I am working, they can be there doing their homework or just relaxing.  I want it to be a space where we WANT to be not the space that we currently avoid.

I see an Ikea trip in our future.

2. Finish our Guest Bedroom

2012 goals 004

I would like this space to be finished off – the curtains hung, accessories added, the final zhushing to pull it together.  Also, if the office is better organized with plenty of storage, maybe this space will become less of a dumping ground.  It would have taken me a minute to pull all that stuff off the bed, but keeping it real.  Because I don’t have a better organization system in place, this happens often.

3. Finally get my bookcases the way I want them

2012 goals 002

When I put everything in these bookcases last year, it was at the end of our renovations and I was done.  Everything got put in with some thought, but tired thought and hasn’t been touched since.  I would like to get these more to my liking.

4. Outdoor Spaces

We completed a major renovation in 2010 so most of the inside of our home is where we want it.  However, I will always be tweaking and moving things because I love to tweak and move things.  But the outside space is going to be our biggest undertaking.  Last year we did some major changes in our backyard that I haven’t really shared yet, more to come on that when the weather changes.  But our front yard is a hot mess.  I really don’t know what I am doing so things that I have planted really have not worked out well.  It is our plan to get things in our yard, front and back to match what we have accomplished inside our house.

2012 goals 011

Of course the flatness of winter makes this look even worse,but this is what it looks like today.  Not pretty.

2012 goals 012

Oh, and something very exciting – we have to do some major work on our driveway.  After 12 years, there is a big hole in the middle and the bottom is all broken up.  I am not yet sure how extensive it will be so we really need to budget and plan for that.  That will definitely NOT be a DIY project!

2012 goals 013

Yup, I included a picture of the hole in the driveway – still keeping it real here!

5. A purge an organization of the following spaces:

Hall closet
Guest Bedroom Closet
Mudroom cabinets
Kitchen cabinets

Upstairs hall closet.  Which, is so darn small I am not sure it really is a closet!

Sorry, I am not including pictures of all those spaces today, but they are on my list.

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19 thoughts on “2012 Home Goals”


  1. Way to keep it real! This was my favorite series last year by a blogger when the Nester did her house goals. It was refreshing to see all the awesome bloggers who have beautiful rooms also have rooms that are messy, disorganized and not looking stylish and cool. I love your bookcases, they look great. Looking forward to seeing what you do this year!

  2. I love it! Don’t feel bad about your office, mine is way worse and I posted it as one of my goals for this year as well, SCARY! It was so hard for me to post pictures of the things I hate, but I am super motivated to make some real progress this year! I look forward to seeing what you do in 2012 🙂

  3. Wow! I wish I was as brave as you to bare all. I have hesitated in showing my mess. Thanks for being so real. I thought myself brave for showing my bedroom and nothing matches right now. Can’t wait to see all you get done.

  4. I think you have some great, obtainable goals for the new year! I know you’ll work hard to get them done! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the “current state” pictures too! Love it when people show the real thing!

  5. I think your project areas are more the norm than many would admit. The rest of your finished rooms are so beautiful, you are still ahead. Your guest room looks like it is waiting for the office to fall into place and it will only need a few finishing touches (Love the wallpaper). Outside work may take longer to “grow” on you and look established. Plant with the idea of what the mature size will be so you don’t have to thin later. My mom always said pick your fall bloomers first and add summer and then the spring bulbs. Pick for leaf interest also, because the leaves are what you see most of the time. It is hard to spend money on driveways.

  6. Isn’t it liberating to post a photo of your messy house! Good luck on the projects, I’m sure you’ll be busy. Oh, and by the way, I think your bookshelves look lovely already!

    Calli@Strawberry Roan Design

  7. That office space is terrific! Love that piece you have in the back corner ~ can’t wait to see what you do with that room.

  8. ***Warning, if you can’t stand the sight of rooms / spaces that are undecorated and in a state of complete disarray, please do not continue reading!*** Are you sure that you are not talking about my house in this quote???

  9. Oh this is great! I have an office that pretty much looks just like yours…..Just trying to catch up on my work after the Holidays so I can get tackle the mess. It’s depressing.

    And we also have a hole in our driveway;) The Mr. says he’s going to tackle that this weekend, we’ll see.

  10. I’m very pleased I discovered this web page. Maybe you’d like to place a banner on my blogroll? How can I contact you on private?

  11. I like your blog graphic – is it custom made, or maybe some public template? Where can I download it from?