10 Minute Decorating Ideas – In the Kitchen

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As we enter further into 2014, my brain is finally starting to kick into gear.

I have several bigger projects in mind – Peanut’s room, a workshop in the garage and finally getting my bedroom how I like it (how I like it is still being determined).

But sometimes, I just want to quickly pull together something.  I want to pull together an area that is lacking or needs a little sprucing up.

So, I thought, I might start a fun new series – 10 minute decorating ideas.  Projects that will take ten minutes or less and will add a little bit of pretty to our lives.


Before I get into the details of the ten minute decorating…

One of the most asked about items in my house is the two tier round galvanized tray we have had on our island.  That one was found years ago at a Crate & Barrel outlet.  I have sent links to similar ones at Pottery Barn,(affiliate link included)  but that Crate & Barrel one is no longer available.  Over the years, it is started to go slanted, rattle when you walked across the room and was a pain to move out of the way.

So, when I saw this one at Target last week – with a handle – I was giddy.

Same idea, but a different shape to change it up again – and again, I love the handle.


So, you could go to Target to see if they have this tray, or you can order it online here..


update – this version is no longer available – they now how have this version with gold handles.

 (affiliate link included)

Now, I won’t have to keep disappointing people when they want to know where the tray is from!


Now, onto the 10 minute decorating idea!

Grab a tray – it doesn’t have to be this one and put it on your island or countertop.

Grab the things you use regularly – measuring cups, herbs, salt and pepper, butter dish, pretty tea bags, and gather them up on the tray.

Then, grab a few decorative pieces – a vase, some candles, other favorite things and add them too.

(see below for links to possible items if you are interested)


And something quirky if you would like – like a cow!


It is a simple way to bring a decorative element to your counters and kitchen – and it makes more room in the cabinets and makes the everyday things more accessible.


And if you don’t have a tray – use a large platter like this one.


And if you don’t have an island, no worries – but it on the counter next to your stove.

Use a mason jar to gather up your wood utensils and other functional and decorative bits.


Oh, and one more thought.

While you are at it, take a couple of extra minutes and give everything on the trays, under the trays, etc – a good wipe down.  It will help towards this goal too!

Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a great day!

postsignature.png P.S. What do you think?  Do you like the idea of this series?  Would you like another series?

P.P.S. Here are some links (affiliate) for similar items on my tray, if you are interested!

Threshold Set of 2 Stoneware Measuring Spo…

Price: 17.99
I couldn’t find a cow, but how cute would this turtle be?

Threshold Ceramic Turtle Figural – 4″

Price: 12.99

Olde Thompson Del Norte Pepper Mill and Sa…

Price: 19.99


Lemon Verbena Lidded Soy Jar Candle

Price: 7.99

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43 thoughts on “10 Minute Decorating Ideas – In the Kitchen”


  1. Hello! I ‘m excited about this series! I love getting tips for simple, fast decorating ideas that only take minutes. Thanks so much!

  2. How Nice! I love the quick and easy and there is nothing like having everything at hand, especially if you do a lot of baking. Thank you for putting in where we can purchase the items – it makes things so much easier. I am looking forward to more of the series.

  3. I enjoy this series. Keep them coming.
    I have two ironstone pictures filled with all of my wood spoons sitting on top of an Ikea lazy-Susan along with salt and pepper shakers and a bottle of my favorite balsamic vinegar. I love having everything at hand when I’m cooking.
    I love that galvanized tray. Wonder if it would fit under my counter? I have been looking for something to use as a coffee station, this would be perfect.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love the tray by the stove. Pretty color green salt & pepper shakers. 🙂 I have a semi decorative plate with salt, pepper and olive oil bottle. Many moons ago, Pampered Chef used to have these three round crocks to bake in. I gave one to my mother right away when I first got them, and kept the other two. Never used them. Now the green one is on my counter with wooden spoons and the third one I gave to my oldest when she moved out. I am still in awe of your kitchen transformation. LOL

  5. Please so keep these easy and affordable ideas coming. Nice to achieve a sense of accomplishment regarding décor without the need to heat up the glue gun. Always enjoy your posts.

  6. Wonderful series, I love the 10 minute idea. SO funny I just saw that tray at Target the other day and loved it! Now here it is, with a great idea on how to use it. Now there is absolutely no reason not to pop in my cart and bring it home!

  7. I love this idea. I think I’m hearing so many messages to do big projects right and honestly, finding those smaller things that my eyes can rest on bring a lot of peace to my brain as I’m tackling yet another closet. Thanks for the links too, those are great.

  8. I love that tray. Must go to Target. (Sure, I could order it, but does that really take the place of an outing to Target? I think not!)

    I tried a cookbook stand on the island, and it looked great, but was always in the way! Now, something that actually holds stuff that I’m always pulling out of drawers would NOT be in the way! My mother-in-law brought back a ceramic trivet from a trip to Israel a few years ago. Instead of hanging it, I put it in the little corner spot by my range, and set my bottle of Olive Oil, salt-and-pepper shakers, and toothpicks on it. It’s one of my favorite vignettes in my kitchen! LOL 🙂

  9. The two tiered tray is really cute and I like the idea of setting commonly used things on it. I don’t have a lot of room on my counter but the peninsula next to the dining area might be an option. I’ll have to look for a cute tray or platter and change things up a bit. I hope you continue this idea of 10 minute decorating ideas. Lots of inspiration to be had. Thanks!! Happy weekend to you.

  10. I always see these tiered trays and thought they were pretty but couldn’t think of a use for them. I have a small corner desk that I use for my laptop that was lacking storage space that this will be perfect for. Thanks for sharing the great idea!

  11. I enjoy your decorating tips! I don’t have a island (wish I did)! I ran to Target today! No trays at my Target, so I came home and ordered it on- line! Got free shipping! I can’t wait for it to come! Thanks!

  12. Not to sound weird, but I saw this tray at Target, immediately threw it in my cart because I loved it. As I shopped, I kept trying to figure out what I was going to do with it, and couldn’t think of how I could use it. I actually thought about your blog and wished I had your “talent” for using a “potting tray” as anything other than a potting tray. Nothing. Put it back 🙁 Hopefully, they will still have it when I go back tomorrow 🙂

  13. Pretty tray decor ideas, and I like the idea of a 10-min. decorating series. Sounds perfect to me, because I get busy and don’t always have time for big projects, but still want to do something small and fun that has a clear beginning, middle and end!

  14. Love this idea! Pretty and great use of space. I LOVE your new series idea!! Can’t eait for your next post 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend,

  15. Yes love this 10 min change up decorating. Would love to go to target kind of far though. Also worry about ordering it on line with resent news about card holders information being out there.Maybe i can make a day of it and do lunch also. Keep them coming love all you do. Have a great day.

  16. I love the idea of these 10 minute tips. Not all of us have the budget for a big make-over but still want to spruce things up a bit. Keep the ideas comin’ Laura!

  17. So I had to share. I went to Target today looking for new counter stools. Low and behold right beside the stools was an end cap with a lot of galvanized goodness and among the goodness was the Threshold stand. As soon as I saw it I knew I was bringing it home with me and I knew what I was going to use it for. A coffee station.
    When I was checking out the cashier said what is it with these stands? They have been flying off of the shelf and I think you may have got the last one. I think I did too. I also think you may be the reason they are flying of the shelf.
    So thank you for sharing your find. I love it and it works well as a coffee station. Oh and my husband likes it as much as I do.

  18. Love this idea and love the idea of 10 min decorating tips. I love the little things that can change things up and make a house a home. Keep the series. Yours is one of my favourite blogs! Thank you!

  19. I love this idea. I actually bought this tray and the white measuring cups/spoons from Target this weekend. I have a small kitchen and no island so I was thrilled when this fit under my upper cabinets. It put fresh fruit in the bottom and put the measuring cups/spoons, an ironstone bowl, a vintage granite coffee mug, which I use for sugar packets, and a pint canning jar filled with M & M’s (I have grandchildren). I was able to eliminate a large fruit bowl that was really way too big for the counter anyway, and some other smaller items and contain everything in one place. Pretty and functional too! Thanks for the great ideas, Laura, keep them coming.

  20. Hi Laura, what is the name of your granite?? Is it by any chance Kashmir White?? It looks so much like mine that I just had installed a few months ago! So glad I chose that one!

  21. Love this decorating series!! I just happened upon this on pinterest and it fit the bill for a short attention span for tedious steps when doing creative things. Keep the posts coming!

  22. Laure,
    I love the stand and wanted to get one. I tried to use your link in case there is kickback, but neither of the links works for the stand. It says the don’t have what I’m looking for. So I am rushing to Target where some of the other girls have had luck. I love the 10 minute decorating. Keep up the great inspiration.

  23. Hi! Love this idea! But I’m looking at something else. What make/model of stove do you have? It’s dreamy!!!! Thanks

    1. I am so sorry in being delayed in finding your question about the make and model of our stove. It is about 6 years old now so even I could find the model information, I don’t think it would still be relevant. Is is however a Wolf stove.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!