10 Minute Quick & Easy Decorating – Side Table Makeover


Hello friends!  Today I am going to share one of my favorites, a 10 minute, quick easy decorating idea.  This time, I did a quick makeover to my living room side table.  Nothing dramatic, just a little zhush to pull it together.

But, before I get into the details, it is not just me sharing a 10 minute quick and easy decorating idea.  I have joined up with an incredible group of bloggers.  Each month, one of them will be sharing a project too – and we will all be joining together for fall and Christmas ideas as well.  This month, the lovely and hilarious (and the best hair in the history of the world!) Stacy from Not Just a Housewife is joining me.

And we want you to join with us!

Share your favorite 10 minute decorating ideas on Twitter, Facebook and my favorite of all – Instagram.  Use the hashtag #10minutedecorating and I will be sharing some of your ideas as well!

So, now to the project…

This is where I started.  Nothing wrong with it.  I had a table there that was too small and an awkward shape for the longest time.  One day, I “shopped” our garage and found this one and loved how perfect it was.  I had long ago painted it with a gray chalk paint to sell, but it was just lonely in the garage.  Don’t even get me started on how sad that lamp is that has been there for years without me noticing how overly too thin it is.


Here is the before and the after, side by side, so you can get a sense of the subtle, but pretty change.  I think it ties it in with the room so much more.


And this is how I did it, in literally less than ten minutes.  I used my finger to apply Rub ‘n Buff in European gold.  I ran a small amount along the framework and then filled it where needed.


And then I buffed it with an old t-shirt.


And that was literally it.

It was so quick, I decided to go ahead try it on a shell.

Rub 'n Buff on a Shell

The table now has more definition to it and ties in with the other gold accents in the room.  Oh, and I took my remaining minute to replace the lamp with something with a little more oomph!



And now, please go visit my friend Stacy at Not Just a Housewife to see the amazing idea she shared.

And don’t forget – share you ideas on social media using the hashtag #tenminutedecorating.

Thanks so much for reading, and I am off to see what else I can use this stuff on – I love it!



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13 thoughts on “10 Minute Quick & Easy Decorating – Side Table Makeover”


  1. You always do such a marvelous job!! Where did you get that rub and buff? Is it easy to find. I love how your “shopped” your garage. My gosh , if I stuck anything in the hubby’s garage it would be a Goodwill in a nanosecond. Love your ideas.

  2. It does make a difference!!!
    I remember searching for rub n’ buff forever here in Canada and not finding it!
    I bought once when I went to the States, I must find it and do something to my side table!
    I know, some little changes make a big difference.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Laura,
    is your wallcovering wallpaper or stenciled? Did you do the same on the lamp shade? That detail you added to the table turned out good and it added color; just a nice accent to it.