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I have throw blankets stashed all over our house.  There is a drawer full in the family room, there are three in the living room, several in the bedrooms and there is even one (or two) in my car.  When the weather turns cool, nothing is better than wrapping up in a soft and warm throw blanket.   If my neck is cold, everything is cold and throw blankets are the perfect solution.

I have had my eye on several amazing plaid wool blankets, but the prices are so high.  So, I decided to make a simple no-sew plaid flannel blanket that was very inexpensive and only took 10 minutes.  It is part of this month’s 10 Minute Decorating Ideas so make sure to click through at the end to see what my friends have also shared this month.




To start with, you will need about 2 yards of fabric.  I chose several plaid flannel fabrics.  I love working with flannel because they work well with no-sew ideas, they are warm and they are super soft.  Depending on fabric sales and coupons, this could be a very inexpensive project.


Simple-Fall-DIY-Idea copy


It is the perfect size to throw on a bed for a cat-nap, on the back of a chair and I am pretty sure it might even work as a blanket scarf.




To start with, you need to trim the edges to a straight line.  I can not deny I cringed a bit when the girl cutting the fabric didn’t just use the pattern as a guide when cutting.  I am pretty sure my eyes must have given me away because my daughter starting laughing to the point of having to walk away.  The beauty of plaid is you can use the pattern as your guide to start with a clean and straight end.




This fabric is 44″ wide and I measured down and cut a straight line at 60″.  Then I simply began using the pattern as a guide again, I cut into every 1/4 inch or so to create the fringe pattern.  I chose to go two full rows of the pattern, but it is easy enough to go shorter or longer.  If your fabric does not have a pattern to guide you, measure and mark a line with chalk and then cut to the line.  The fringe does not have to be perfectly spaced out so it really is easy to do it free hand.

After I finished cutting the fringe, I ran a warm iron over it to get the fold marks out of the fabric.




Shortly after I took these photos, my sister came by.  She liked it so much, I gave it to her.  She actually sat down and chose to fringe the other side as well.  It truly only took her five minutes.  She is going to keep it in her car and with both sides fringed it can also work as a cape when you have to get out of the car quick or while the car is warming up.

Luckily, I have a stack of more flannel fabric to make more.  I also think I am going to figure out how the best measurements and make a few blanket scarves as well.  These would make great holiday gifts also.  They are simple, quick and inexpensive, so in my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than that.




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27 thoughts on “10 Minute Decorating – No-Sew Plaid Flannel Blanket”


  1. Happy Fall crisp morning! I love Fall! I think it is wise to note that when purchasing the lovely plaid flannel of your choice to make sure it is WOVEN and not printed on a solid; some of the cheaper flannels are indeed printed.

  2. Certainly a cute and easy idea but not practical at all! The cut edges of the flannel will fray with use and forget about washing it! The ‘fringe’ will become a tangled mess, I promise you. In the long run you spent money on something that has one season’s use, if that. Get smart and invest in a better blanket that is already finished and you can wash and use again. If you must make it a craft project, try this same technique with the fleece fabric in the fabric/craft stores. The edges will not fray and you can still make the fringe effect on the edges.For an even more lush and warmer blanket you can do 2 layers of coordinating fabric and tie the fringed edges together. Google no sew fleece blanket for the how-to. They may not have fleece in plaid, but at least you’ll have a usable blanket that will last you longer. Now THAT is smart decorating!

    1. Joanne, thank you so much for your informative response. Actually, I don’t mind if the fringe frays a bit and is nice and casual. I am really just looking for an inexpensive way to add some color and pattern to the room – all while keeping my neck warm! For me, this is a win. I do know about the fleece ideas and I love those projects as well. Thanks for suggesting an alternative.

    2. She can always hand wash these blankets and air dry them to keep the flannel from getting tangled. There is also a product called fray check that is inexpensive (you can google it) and a little touch to the fray, and problem solved!! So it’s a great idea and much cheaper option than buying brand new blankets!!

      1. Thanks for the info about fray check. I think this is a charming project. My daughter has a fleece throw that she loves, but the material is bulkier than I would like for decorating my living room–flannel adds warmth but is, to my eyes, anyway, visually lighter.

  3. As the owner of the blanket, I have to say it is awesome! I used it this morning on my early drive to work. It is the perfect accesory for a cold and rainy morning. It is not fancy, just super warm and cozy. If it gets ruined, I will just steal another one from my sister’s couch.

  4. I so appreciated your thoughts about writing things down. I am a “live by a list, die by a list” girl who has been “listing” for years. However, I do wish I was a good doodler – just to make my lists pop a bit more. Unfortunately, what I see in my ‘mind’s eye’ can’t be translated to my notebook very well.

    My husband is one for 4 children … all of whom have artistic talents in different categories. I am green with envy over their abilities! Oh well, my notebooks covers are all very colorful – and that makes me happy! My limited abilities with the stick figures and birds that dot my pages have shown some improvement – and I will keep trying.

    You do the same!


  5. Hi Laura,

    There’s nothing better than creating something that is as beautiful and as simple as your lovely blankets. I totally want one. My daughter is mad for plaid and i think this will be a great quick Christmas gift for them. Thanks!
    I found you on Inspiration Monday. I also host a linky party which is open now if you are interested. I think our group would love this idea!
    Have a great week!
    Patti ~ Garden Matter

  6. I bought flannel material and woman at fabric store said if I just fringe ends they are going to ravel and fray and I’ll have all kinds of stringy edges

    1. Lisa – my sister has used the blanket in her car since last year and wraps up in on cold mornings on her commute to work. She has not had any issues. The material I used seemed to be able to handle it, but clearly, if you have concerns I would choose another route.

  7. I bought flannel to make a throw – I explained to the woman in the fabric store and she said the edges are going to fray without sticking
    Can you comment to this?
    Before I begin

  8. Hah! I actually have the fabric at the bottom of the stack there (under the apple).

    Great quick project! I may whip some of these up for the holidays. Thank you!

  9. How does the fray edging hold up over time? Would this work with it being two pieces of fabric frayed like this, but the frays tied together? I want it to be durable, but I am definitely not good at sewing