What to Serve & What to Bring

For Everyone Around the Table

Make the holiday season a little bit easier with simple serving ideas

Think out of the Box

Fun & Delicious Stocking Stuffers

Make everyone happy with these new ideas for all the stockings on your list.

If you can't be here...

Shop the Market at Our Sugarhouse Online

We love welcoming visitors and shoppers into our sugarhouse. To make it the best experience possible, we have gathered our favorite goods from other brands (mostly made in the USA) to share along with our Finding Home Farms products. And now, you can shop those items here on our website!

Deck the Halls

All of our favorite ways to decorate for the holidays.

This Season We

Gather to _____.

The act of collecting sap is refered to as gathering, and it's a term that has so many meanings to all of us. Our hope is that you find your own version of home through our products, creating a home that is most authentically your family, where you want to gather and bring the people you love.

Inspired by Tradition

Our maple syrup is crafted by a 4th generation sugarmaker who knows the reliable, traditional techniques, but pairs them with modern updates to get the best flavor.

Made in America

We’re proudly based in the Hudson Valley of New York. From our family-owned farm, we create products that are made thoughtfully and sustainably.

Organic Maple Syrup

"I think I've found home! For when you need that pure, rich maple flavor."

Our organic Maple Syrup is always hand crafted on our family farm in the Hudson Valley of New York. Gather 'round and enjoy the natural flavors of pure maple, 100% happiness in a bottle.

Visit Us in The Sugarhouse

Come see how it's all made! Enjoy a beautiful day in the country, learn how we make our delicious maple syrup, or attend one of our special events. A trip to the sugarhouse has to be on your list.

Maple Recipes (we really love maple)

Maple syrup isn't just for pancakes and waffles. Learn how you can use our syrup's unique, buttery, not too sweet flavor to make cocktails, appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

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