Wood & Burlap Natural Fall Wreath

Wood and Burlap Fall Wreath

Since this is one of my all time favorites, I thought I would share it again!  Happy day to you all!

Sometimes there is nothing better than a project that is easy and simple and that you love in the end.

That is the case with my wood and burlap natural fall wreath I made today.

Truly, it could not have been easier.

Step 1:

Slice thin pieces of wood from a dried log.  We used our chop saw and did it nice and slowly with a piece of black birch, but any will do.  When the log got smaller, we stopped for safety reasons.

Tie a piece of burlap on a flat wooden wreath form first to hang it and then attach the wood slices in a single layer using an adhesive.  Do not use hot glue if you are planning to use it outdoors as it can melt and fall apart.

Burlap Natural Fall Wreath

 Update: here is a link to the wreath form that I used (affiliate link included).

Step 2:

Add a second layer overlapping where the first layer pieces meet.

Don’t you just love natural wood grain?

Wood slice fall wreath


Step 3:

I used branches, dried flowers from the craft store and folds of wired burlap ribbon (and a few feathers) and layered them all together and glued them to the front of the wreath.

Natural Flower Fall Wreath

Almost any type of ribbon or flowers (or feathers) would work it all depends on your style.

And that is it – you are done.

Promised it was easy!

Burlap and wood natural fall wreath



Wishing you a great day!





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  1. MaryAnn Lunniss` says


    The wreath is awesome and ever so different. Such a talented and creative young woman you are…simply amazing!

  2. Beth says

    I wondered if you could share where you got the wood ring and what size it is? I’ve looked at 2 stores and can’t find one! Love this wreath!

  3. says

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  5. Riva says

    Oh my!! I absolutely LOVE this wreath!! I was never into the whole burlap thing but on this wreath it just adds to the “natural beauty” look!

  6. says

    Beautiful! I’m pinning. All the natural elements call to me.

    I found you via Lines Across. If you’re interested in new link parties, I have one at Gingerly Made and would love to have you join us. Have a great weekend!

  7. says

    Simple but gorgeous!! I love the woodsy, natural colors and look. So Adirondack feeling (I’m from NY!) pinned to my I Love Wreaths board!

  8. Oasis in the Woods says

    LOVE the natural, woodsy look of your wreath. Showed it to my husband as he just had cut up two trees that fell in our driveway. Going to definitely make this ASAP. We live on 20 acres of heavily wooded land in a log home. How perfect this will look on our door! One question: what type of she since did you use?

  9. Lynn says

    This wreath is absolutely gorgeous. Would love to try to make it. What type of “adhesive” did you use

  10. says

    I really like the wood slice/burlap, pinecone wreath. My daughter and family are outdoorsy people and she would
    like this wreath. Do you sell wood slices…what is a good size slice ( I would like maybe three different sizes) , 3″,31/2,
    maybe some 2″ slices. Also, do you sell the 12″ wood back for the wreath. What is the best wood to use for this.Could
    you give me an idea of prices. Thank you


  1. […] Layer together the wheat and lavender, then begin filling in with feathers. Group together some pinecones and attach them with glue. Fold over pieces of burlap ribbon and glue them behind your grouping. And your wreath is complete!If you would like to see another version of this wreath, you can visit here. […]