Total Fail Valentine Craft

This one is for your entertaining pleasure.

This is what we tried to make.

marthas stewart crayon hearts

I am sure you have seen on Pinterest, most likely with a comment about how easy it was.

Here is how ours went.

We used pencil sharpeners to make the crayon flakes and placed it on the wax paper.  Now maybe this was our mistake – we decided to add glitter to the mix, you know to add a little sparkle.

valentine photo shoot 020

We (my girls and I) folded the wax paper in half and then began ironing it. valentine photo shoot 024

The first time was a total fail. valentine photo shoot 025

So we tried again.  And it was still a big pile of poopy looking crayon with glitter in it.  Oh, and there was melted crayon all over my iron.  Some how it came right through the wax paper.  Good times. valentine photo shoot 027

I did actually cut some hearts out of them but they really just looked like heart shaped poop and I didn’t feel like that was very Valentiney.

So how about you, have you had any craft fails lately?

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10 thoughts on “Total Fail Valentine Craft”


  1. Your project might not have worked out as planned but I give you credit for trying. I’ve always thought that would be a great project to try but just never wanted to make the mess it would take to give it a try. Your a very brave momma.

    I have a project I’m working on right now that is almost finished yet my labors has not produced the idea in my head – so frustating. I’ll probably go ahead and use it for a while but not very long.

  2. Awe, well at least you tried! That’s the good thing! And I have fail’s ALL the time with crafting! So, don’t be too hard on yourself, it seems like every other thing I do doesn’t work out. 🙂
    PS: LOVE your blog!

  3. I’m sorry, but your “fail” was my chuckle for the day. Very entertaining!
    Pat yourself on the back for being able to share the “oops” as well of the incredible successes.
    You know who

  4. What a pain! I have done this before. I think the less crayon you use the better or spread it out more. When the crayon is melted it goes a long way. Try tissue between contact paper, it looks really pretty too!

  5. I’ve done this before with my girls. Try using less shavings, no glitter, and put a thin towel over the wax paper before you iron it. Keep applying the warm iron until you get the desired look. It helps to turn the wax paper/crayon shaving page over and apply heat to the other side as well. After it cools, you can cut the wax paper and crayon shaving “sandwich” into whatever shapes you’d like. (You need to leave the wax paper on, don’t try to peel the “sandwich” apart.) Give it another go and I bet you’ll love the end result. 🙂