Beach Decor – Reclaimed Wood Whale Art

This week I share our current summer mantel.  I thought today I would share one of my previous summer mantels with one of my favorite projects. But this is really not about a mantel. It is about several stories coming together and resulting in a  … [Read more...]


DIY Furniture Projects

When I first started blogging, my plan was to share about decorating ideas.  As time went on, I found myself inspired more and more by other bloggers who were doing DIY projects.  My perspective changed and I began looking at things in a whole new … [Read more...]


Repurposed Galvanized Side Table

  I have been wanting to replace the side table in our family room for a while now.   It was slowly starting to warp and the planks were separating, so it was time for a change.  I kept looking through catalogs and seeing what was out there.  … [Read more...]


Junkers Unite With A Vintage Christmas Front Porch

  I have been hard at work bringing a little bit of Christmas to our front porch – and as usual, I like to bring in a bunch of vintage and sentimental “junk” to make it perfectly us.  Oh, and if you are joining me for the first time as part … [Read more...]


Quick & Easy 10 Minute Decorating – Faucet Handle Pumpkins

    Hello sweet friends!  Today, I am sharing one of my favorite types of project - quick & easy 10 minute decorating ideas.  This time, I am joined by six other bloggers and we are all sharing fall themed ideas.   I started … [Read more...]


Vintage Doorknob Pumpkins

  I am hoping you will be tolerant of me - lots of exciting stuff going on around here!  So, I haven't had much time for new projects - but this is one of my all time favorite fall projects, so I thought I would share it again! Grab your … [Read more...]


Quick & Easy 10 Minute Decorating – Vintage Door Table Runner

  Hello friends, I am back with a quick & easy 10 minute decorating idea – a vintage door table runner.  I started this series a few months ago because sometimes, ten minutes is all we have to decorate. Today, I am joined by the … [Read more...]


DIY Coffee Table out of a Chicken Crate / Coop

Have you ever had something in your “storage space” forever, knowing, someday, you would know exactly what to do with it? That is the case with our DIY coffee table out of a chicken crate / coop.  I bought  the crate few years ago at a yard sale.  … [Read more...]


DIY Upcycled Tray

Recently, I was feeling a little “crafty” because I was determined to use this absolutely adorable shopping bag I found while out shopping. … [Read more...]


Junkers United – Repurposed Milk Crate Stool

If this is your first time visiting from the Junkers United group – welcome!  I am so excited to be joining with such a great group of ladies.  If you would like to see my past projects that involve "junk", you can visit my upcylced projects or my … [Read more...]


Organizing Ideas – Repurposed DIY Vintage Crate Boot Rack

I am over it - over it, over it and over it.  All of the snow - and the mud that is soon to follow.  But I finally have a solution for one part of it - a DIY vintage crate boot rack. … [Read more...]


DIY Rustic Wood Letters and My Valentine

Usually, when I share about a DIY project on here, it is something that Hubby and I do together.  But this one, I mentioned I wanted to try and figure it out how to make some rustic wood letters – and he just went and did it. Actually, he made two … [Read more...]


Decorating Ideas: Vintage Door Plate Wall

After all the Christmas decorations came down, I have left most of the home un-decorated and simple. … [Read more...]


DIY Wall Art – Yardstick Star

I created this project for Christmas originally, but I think it is perfect for year round.  Of course, you will have to excuse that all of the pictures are from Christmas time - but you get the idea! A DIY star made from yardsticks - an easy and … [Read more...]


Outdoor Christmas Decorating: Reclaimed Wood Reindeer

The other night, we were all in the car driving home and it started. We started to sing Christmas carols. I know its early.  But it was so much fun.  And the only one we all remembered all the words to...Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. What is it … [Read more...]


DIY Art -Yardstick Deer Silhouette

Today I want to share a fun project with you - a yardstick deer silhouette. I have had this deer wood cutout in my craft supplies for a bit.  Then I was back at the craft store and saw it again – I picked up a few more.  I was beginning to feel self … [Read more...]


Ikea Hack Craft Table (& Craft Paint Storage!)

When we started out reworking our office space to also be a crafting space, I knew I wanted a craft table to work at. I already had an Ikea tabletop that I had been using as my desk, so I decided it was the perfect project for an Ikea hack craft … [Read more...]


Craft Room Storage Cabinet (Knocktoberfest!)

Hello sweet friends! If you are visiting from Brooke of All Things Thrifty and her amazing knockoff, welcome! When Lindsay of Makely School for Girls invited me to be part of Knocktoberfest – I knew, somehow, some way, I was going to figure out a … [Read more...]


Bathroom Storage Solutions – DIY Door Shelf

[Read more...]


Fall Decorating: Updated Kitchen Garden

The reality is, this year, our garden challenged us greatly. We battled too much rain and an attack of squash bugs. When I started to think about our fall decorating, I knew I wanted to take the few pumpkins and gourds that made it and display them … [Read more...]


Easy DIY Outdoor Fall Sign (really, it is super easy!)

 This post is sponsored by 3M, however all opinions are my own. As fall comes in, I am hanging on like crazy to keep spending time outside.  So, I thought I would bring a little fall touch to screened porch with an easy DIY outdoor fall sign.  … [Read more...]