Snowball Cookies in the Snow

Currently we are in a winter wonderland.

Our post Christmas plans have gone a little topsy turvey because of the weather, so why not fully embrace the snow with snowball cookies?

My Mom always made them, but now they are something I make each year at Christmas. I once told you it was unlikely for you to find recipes here – but I thought today I would make an exception since snowball cookies seem so appropriate today!

Set oven to 400 degrees

– 1 cup of butter – softened
– 1/2 cup of sugar
– 2 1/2 cups of sifted flour (truth I never sift!)
– 3/4 cup of finely chopped walnuts
– 1/4 tsp salt
– 1 tsp of vanilla
– additional sugar and powdered sugar for rolling baked cookies I

– Cream butter and sugar thoroughly

– Add salt and vanilla and blend

– Add flour and blend well (hint: after some blending I wash my hands thoroughly and use my hands to blend into a dough)

– Stir in nuts

– Form into 1 inch balls

– Bake 14 – 17 minutes until lightly brown on an ungreased tray.

– In a bag mix equal parts sugar and powdered sugar. Roll cookies in mix while still hot.

Notes: I always make a double batch. This time, for the second batch I used half chopped walnuts and half chopped almonds. I added colored sugar to the almond batch so that I knew the difference.

So now when our family comes off the sledding hill they will be ready for some cookies

Even if the “greasing of the toboggan” experiment didn’t work out.

Hoping you are still having the chance to spend time with those you love!

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  1. says

    The winter wonderland is beautiful. Love those cookies. One year I made those with a peppermint pattie surprise inside…yum!

  2. Suzanne says

    Such a beautiful post!!! Snowball cookies to go along with a winter wonderland. Love love love!!!!
    You have a fantastic blog–better than a magazine. :-)