Sentimental Decorating

The other day I shared on my post over at the FOLK blog that I am quite the sentimental girl.

As I have looked around my home this Christmas, I have realized even more how much of my decorating is sentimental.

My toolbox tree, my vintage ornament wreath – all come from sentimental memories.

Did I ever mention that my father-in-law built our kitchen table – and that is made from wood cut down from the family farm?


I know, sounds unbelievable – but is is true.

I was looking in the corner of our kitchen today, and I re-noticed this shelf that is there everyday, but it tends to be overlooked.

  This was in my husband’s room when he was growing up, and his Dad made this as well.


Now it is filled with my collection of vintage syrup jars. Yup, that is sentimental too.

My husband grew up on a farm in New England (notice the pie tins) and they made their own syrup and now we make our own here in our neighborhood.


So now with just a few touches of Christmas, I am noticing it more.


With Christmas so close, and all we have faced this week, I think I am more aware of the sentimental things.

And appreciative of the simple things.

My style may not be for everyone, but that is okay, this sentimental girl is quite happy here.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Donna Miller says


    I love your style. Mine is sentimental too. I know that my 20’s age daughters think it is just old junk but it is not to me. There is a history and part of our past. Love your post. Merry Christmas.


  2. says

    I cannot imagine anyone not liking your style Laura. It is classic. I tend to decorate sentimentally too. It warms my home and my heart. Merry Christmas friend!

  3. Michelle says

    I Love your style and I too am a sentimental decorator. I try to put something of sentiment in each room of our house. It may be something like my husbands grandmothers salt and pepper shakers or an old stain glassed window we bought when we were stationed across country but it all has special meaning to our family.

    I love the vintage ornaments that are on your husband shelf. I have the red,white and green on that is on the bottom shelf. It is one of my favorites. I love pulling all my ornaments out. When I do, I’m reminded of my childhood and simpler times.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Suzi says

    Your style is definitely for me!

    And yes, it has been a unspeakable nightmare this week. I may have envied you bloggers in the past for the amazing job you gals pull off…but not this week, having been compelled to post in the middle of such sorrow. May God provide comfort to all.

  5. says

    You’re a girl after my own heart, Laura! I feel the same way about decorating my home. I am drawn to things that belonged to those I love and things that remind me of them. Most of the antiques in our home belonged to family…a sideboard from my husband’s dad who passed away when he was young, a dressing table from the room where I used to sleep in my grandma’s house when I visited, etc. I love that! Having those things around me makes me feel closer to them and it brings back so many fond memories.

    BTW, I loved your post at Folk…congratulations on your feature!

  6. says

    yes, sentimental is best……..I love your home, your style and I wish you sold your syrup!! I love home made maple syrup on oatmeal !!! Quite a bit of my Christmas is sentimental…ornaments all from my mom and an elderly lady I worked with when I was a much younger woman, quilts my mom made, etc….in fact our home is built on the farm ground that has been in my husband’s family for over 150 years… blog is new, and that is one reason I started it, sentimental memories from my family and my husband’s………Merry Christmas

  7. Sally B says

    I think it’s charming! I love the truck in the centerpiece, as a little girl, I had a red tow truck a lot like that one. I want to find a vintage metal truck now, this is the second one I’ve seen used in decorating, I love the look! I actually had a ‘faux vintage’ one I gave away. It’s all very charming and lovely. Great job;)

  8. Jeannette says

    I am the same way. My most treasured items are from my parents and the ones by children made while they were young. Not much monary value but like gold to me. All the new stuff i could do wihout…

  9. says

    Sentimental is always the best of things….It is so wonderful to have items passed down and treasured..I am sure that whenever your hubby sees the shelf, memories of his childhood and his dad making that shelf brings a smile to his face….love the syrup jar collection!

  10. says

    Sentimental decorating is the best (and most meaningful.).
    I love all the photos you share of your beautiful home!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Laura!

  11. Mary says

    I am also a sentimental decorator. My mom passed away this year and it meant so much to be able to use her decorations this year. Christmas was her big thing and she had tons of decorations to pass down to my sisters and I. They make the holidays a little more meaningful.