Oilcloth Utensil Holder & My Embarrassing lack of Sewing Skills


Today I want to share a simple project with you – an oilcloth utensil holder that I made for my summer table.

But I must warn you – if you are a talented sewer (is that a word?), please leave now.  It is not that I don’t want you here – please come back tomorrow – but I don’t want to offend you with my lack of sewing skills.

I am sure this project would be even more amazing if you made it on a sewing machine.

Wait, stay, just ignore the part about hot glue and a glue stick – and instead use your sewing machine.


So whether you are using glue or a sewing machine – here is how it goes.

Start by using a piece of cardboard for a template.  Make it long enough to fold over.


I used my silverware to get an idea of size.


Then use a bowl or a glass to trace the rounded top and cut our your template.


Trace the shape on to your oilcloth and cut out each piece.  I made a total of six.


Cut our your oilcloth and fold it over.  Cut out another piece of oilcloth (trace from each piece) to go on the top front.  I used a contrasting pattern.

I attached the contrast piece of a glue stick.  I know, shameful.

And then I ran a bead of hot glue down the sides to hold it all together.  Shameful – but it works!


That was the part, that if you can sew, you ignore everything I just said and sew it.

I also added a piece of washi tape to the front to coordinate with my table.  It should come off easily to make it work for a different color scheme.

I layered it on top of a folded napkin…


And then added a straw with a chalk cloth tag.  I simply used a craft punch, added a hole and tied it with a piece of ric rac.


So even though my lack of sewing skills are shameful, I think it came out super cute.  They will be great for the porch in the summer too.  Now if it would just warm up enough to get out there.

You can see my whole summer table here.

Thanks so much for reading and wishing you a day filled with grace.


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11 thoughts on “Oilcloth Utensil Holder & My Embarrassing lack of Sewing Skills”


  1. I am a sewer and I think you’re project turned out great!! Your home is beautiful and I simply love the black and white and I did compliment your touch of yellow in the flowers the other day. I just hope when I start the “projects” on my blog that talented people such as yourself won’t say “Bless her Heart”! I’ve pinned all of your oil cloth projects because they’ll be perfect this summer. Big Hugs!

  2. Maybe a sewer is a seamstress. I don’t know either. Sewn or glued your little pockets are really cute! The whole table is really pretty and cheerful.

  3. I have owned my own sewing business for over 40 years, I give you an A ++++++++ These are lovely and can be done quickly!!!!!!!! Thank you for being transparent, I learned something new today even if I’m in my 70’s. god Bless!

  4. Super cute! Hey, don’t bemoan your sewing skills, or lack thereof. My mom used to make all our clothes, and hers, too, but last week it took me all of one morning to make a costume half-slip. Basically a tube of material with elastic in the top. 😉 You’ll be fine with glue! I’ve GOT to get some Washi tape!!

  5. I am one who sews and I think seamstress. Helps to distinquish between sewing and being a conduit that takes waste away from the bath to wherever bathroom waste may go 🙂 cute post. I love that the raw edges don’t ravel…never really realized that before this project. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I’m so glad I found this post through the Time to Sparkle Link party. I love this idea, and even have scraps of oilcloth I’ve been waiting to use on a great project! I can’t wait to get started.

  7. Gosh, where do you buy oilcloth these days? I can remember growing up with tablecloths that Mama used as a table cover. Easy to care for, just wipe it down with a wet cloth and dry with towel.. Very few “dimestores” left anymore that i know of. Ben Franklin store used to sell it by yard but that went out in our area. Don’t know if Michale’s or A.C. Moore sells it or not. Never recall seeing it at Michael’s.. Maybe Hobby Lobby sells it or Joanne’s crafts store. I would have never thought about covering a nice dining room chair with oilcloth but it is very atrractive..I use pretty fabric to cover my chair seats and cover that with clear plastic that one can buy by the yard. Now that the kids and grandchildren are grown, I think I can do without the plastic on the chair seats.

  8. Where are my manners today? I forgot to tell you how much I liked your tablescape with the black and white and those yellow flowers against the black and white just makes that tablescape pop! You’ve got my curiosity up now, I will look for oilcloth. Bet I could find it at the Joanne’s in Columbia, Md. It’s the best Joanne’s store I’ve ever been in. It’s about 20 miles away though so don’t get to it often as I’d like to.

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