Looking for a Reminder: Printed Linen Paper

God in Moments Quote copy

I am a lover of words.

Of having words in front of me – as a reminder.

Because sometimes I stray.

Sometimes I get too busy, too unfocused on what really is important.

Linen Paper copy

So, when I found this beautiful textured linen paper at Michael’s last week and realized it could be placed right in the printer to easily be printed on –

I knew it was time to put a reminder out where I could see it everyday.

linen paper crochet copy

To help me to remember that every moment is a blessing and I need to take more time to be thankful for them.

Frank Bianco

And it seemed so appropriate to share it here since one of my biggest blessings is the opportunity to write this blog and all of you!

Thank you so much for reading and have a great week!

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  1. Catherine says

    Hi Laura
    I do exactly the same thing! I have various prayers or phrases that I want to keep as a visual reminder of what is really important, framed around my house as well. I thought I was the only person who did that.
    I visit your blog every day…thank you for your thoughts and pictures. God bless.

  2. says

    really? we have been looking for linen paper and can’t find any other than ordering a big batch online..and it is so expensive.
    i will have to check there. thanks for letting us know:)