Is it a Cowdeer or a Cowalope?

I like my home to be pretty but comfortable.

And the same goes for when I decorate for Christmas.

I want to decorate to fit the style of my home, but more importantly to work for my family.

And we all like a little bit of unexpected humor.

So when I was working on our coffee table, and I came across our ceramic cow…..

FH Family Room Cow

I couldn’t help but hot glue some antlers on her head.

 FH Family Room Coffee Table Full

There may or may not be a antler-less deer in our house somewhere.

These photos were taken by the lovely Eve’s Wish Photography: Erin Witkowski

Thank you for reading!

p.s. No real animals were hurt in the making of this decoration.

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  1. says

    Ha! I love your Christmas Cow! In fact, I love the way you ‘styled’ your entire coffee table. My coffee table is something I struggle with, mainly because I have too many little hands trying to play with whatever I put on it =)

  2. says

    Ha! That is hilarious, but perfect! I am so jealous of all of you who already have everything decorated. I need to get it in gear. Maybe I can find some antler-less friend in my stash and give them a little reindeer accessory as well.

  3. MaryAnn Lunniss says

    You have the McLaughlin sense of humor. I had a chuckle and your grandfather would have enjoyed as well.
    Guess Who

  4. says

    I love it….it is something that my hubby and son would have done!…They always did something to take the “edge” off the sometimes craziness of getting the holiday decorating done…well, at least “my craziness”….You made me laugh and laugh, Laura…thanks for that!!!…