Elegantly Spooky Halloween Tablescape (& a sense of humor)

halloween table header

Yup, I really did spray paint a skeleton gold and put him on my table.  I even put a sassy little hat on him.

  And, I invited Nancy Drew to come and dine with me.

Along with The Headless Horseman, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (one seat for both of them), Edgar Allan Poe and no Halloween event would be complete without The Great Pumpkin.

Finding Home Halloween Dining Room 1

I love a bit of orange and black for Halloween just like everyone else, but often those colors don’t work in a space.  Also, it is fun to mix it up a little.

I tried to do that with a black and gold Halloween.

I felt like this tablescape was a little elegant with the gold and black details, a little spooky with the skeletons, crows and gloves – but all done with a sense of humor.

Haloween Spooky Table Setting copy

(I promise my glasses were clean – there just seems to be a reflection from the pumpkin sparkles!)

I started out with a piece of burlap cut to a length to fit my table.  Mine was actually bought out of a barn, but you could easily order burlap by the yard to fit your table.  Next is a length of Halloween themed lace bought at fabric shop a few years ago.  Neither were hemmed in any manner – jut cut and placed – and a lot less expensive than ordering a tablecloth in burlap or black lace.

Halloween Tablescape

For each place setting, I started with an inexpensive gold charger, layered a black sparkly cobweb decoration and then place our china on top.  See, you really can use your wedding china!

On each plate I place a golden pumpkin (details to follow) holding a place card an inexpensive black crow.

Next to each plate, I used a vintage black glove to hold the silverware and black cloth napkins.

Finding Home Halloween Place Setting copy

Down the center of the table I started with my skeleton friend in his happy little hat…

 Halloween Table Setting 2

And then I added black pumpkins (sprayed a few years ago), large gold sprayed pumpkins, black glittered skeletons (found at a discount shop)…

Finding Home Golden Skeleton

…a gold sprayed paper mache skull, a large spider, candles and an old door knob.

   Hallowen Table Decor

So there you have it, in my world Halloween can be spooky, elegant and funny wrapped into one, it doesn’t always have to black and orange, and it is perfectly normal to have a gold skeleton on your dining room table!

Details on all of the gold details can be found here.

If you want to see my fall tablescape from last year, you can visit here.

I will be sharing…

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. […] I’m not sure that eating with a skeleton smiling (?) in your face is what we dream of doing, but at this time of year, why not? An eclectic centerpiece of all things Halloweeny, from a witch hat-wearing skeleton to oversized spiders to painted pumpkins and skulls, keeps the mood fun and light. Either that, or very very dark… Don’t forget to notice the black elbow-length glove as utensil holder. Morbidly beautiful.{found on findinghomeonline}. […]