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Maple Fudge Graham Cracker Cookies

  Today I am sharing a recipe for maple fudge graham cracker cookies as part of our monthly "10 Minute Ideas" series.  Before we go any further, I have to be very honest with you. It didn't take only ten minutes. In fact, not only did … [Read more...]


Easy Semi-Homemade Guacamole Recipe

  I like to think that I am good cook, but really one of my favorite talents is too figure out how to make really good food in an easy and quick way.  And that is just the case with my easy semi-homemade guacamole.  It is homemade.  I chop my … [Read more...]


Grilled Spiralized Vegetable Quesadillas

  My mother-in-law once told me that, in the summer, all New Englanders lock their cars.  They are not doing this out of fear of theft but because they know it is likely that someone who has too many zucchinis from their garden will put them … [Read more...]


Creamy Mapletini Martini

  It has long been known that we are crazy for maple syrup.  We make it.  We sell it.  We eat it.  We drink it. My hubby’s family has always makes “sugar on snow” which is just what is sounds like – hot maple syrup poured over fresh snow … [Read more...]


Maple Cidertini

  I  have just returned home from a fun weekend away at The Chapel Market (more on that soon!).  It was so fun and my first chance to introduce our maple syrup face to face  with people (shopping coming real soon, I promise!).  It only seemed … [Read more...]


Shortcuts to Throwing a Party

It is not a secret that my desire to cook, I mean really cook, comes in waves. But I always love to fill my house with guests and have impromptu parties – even when I don’t feel like cooking. … [Read more...]


5 Savory and Sweet Maple Syrup Recipes

Do you ever go through spurts with cooking? I tend to do a lot of easy / quick stuff for a period of time, and then I go through a big spurt of cooking up a storm.  And what that happens, I like to experiment and try new recipes - especially when … [Read more...]


Easy Holiday Appetizer & Drink

This week is all about rockin’ out the holidays – but keeping it simple. And I am starting with an easy holiday appetizer and drink recipe. And, I am in great company – this lovely crew... In the spirit of keeping things simple, lets get right … [Read more...]


Easy 2 Ingredient Salsa Appetizer Recipe

I will not deny it, I am all about keeping things simple. Especially when it comes to entertaining. I would rather enjoy my company than spend hours in the kitchen.  So, today I thought I would share one of my favorite easy 2 ingredient appetizer … [Read more...]


Bringing the Beach Home with Outshine Fruit Pops

*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions of these yummy fruit bars are my own.* I have a secret to tell you. I really don’t like desserts. I know, shocking. Don’t let me mislead you, I have plenty of bad eating habits on the salty side of … [Read more...]


Recipe: Maple Bacon Pepper Jelly

  The concept of a savory jelly was one I never really understood.  Wasn’t a jelly something that went with peanut butter?  And the biggest problem with that is I don’t like peanut butter. … [Read more...]


Recipe: Maple Roasted Tomato Orzo Salad

Here we are with our third maple recipe for you – Maple Roasted Tomato Orzo Salad. So far, we already shared Mason Jar Maple Martinis and Maple Bacon Cheese Cups. This recipe started from a love of roasting tomatoes.  At the end of the tomato … [Read more...]


Recipe: Maple Bacon Cheese Cups

Today I want to share with you a recipe that would be perfect for a breakfast, brunch, lunch or as an appetizer – Maple Bacon Cheese Cups. As I mentioned when I shared our Mason Jar Maple Martini recipe, this week I am sharing maple recipes. This … [Read more...]


Mason Jar Maple Martini

This time of year, throughout the northeast of the United States and Canada, the skylines are dotted with tall galvanized smoke stacks sending out billowing smoke and calling out a beautiful message… “Today, we are making sugar.” … [Read more...]


Happy Valentine’s Day – Heart Brownies

  Today I want to wish you a…Happy Valentine’s Day. I truly hope it is a day filled with people you love, whether they be spouses, children, parents or friends. And if you want to show someone some love in a super easy way – just bake some … [Read more...]


Easy Turquoise & Pink Fun Dip Cupcakes

This weekend, my daughter and I had some fun in the kitchen and made turquoise and pink colored cupcakes with Fun Dip. I guess there is something about Valentine’s Day coming that brought out the baker in me, but really these are cute enough … [Read more...]


Sugar on Snow

The Holidays are always a time for going home. For visiting family and loved ones. And a time for traditions. But as we get older, as much as we want them too – things just don’t usually stay exactly as they were. Traditions change and … [Read more...]


Snowball Cookies in the Snow

Currently we are in a winter wonderland. Our post Christmas plans have gone a little topsy turvey because of the weather, so why not fully embrace the snow with snowball cookies? My Mom always made them, but now they are something I make each … [Read more...]