7 Steps For Organizing Your Home – Without Getting Overwhelmed

I have been digging through some of my favorite posts and sharing one with you today. I must admit something. Sometimes, I don’t do something simply because of the fact that it is trendy. Really, that is just silly.  If I like something, I should … [Read more...]


DIY Desk Ideas

  This time of year is so confusing for me.  We are just getting into the swing of things for summer.  In fact, we have just about one month left.  At the same time, there are parts of the country who are already back in school.  I can not … [Read more...]


Tips for Organizing a Small Linen Closet

Sharing one of my favorite organizing posts again with you today... Dear Mom,  Your greatest dreams have come true.  After fourteen years, I finally figure out how to approach organizing our small linen closet.  You no longer need to be … [Read more...]


Easy Semi-Homemade Guacamole Recipe

  I like to think that I am good cook, but really one of my favorite talents is too figure out how to make really good food in an easy and quick way.  And that is just the case with my easy semi-homemade guacamole.  It is homemade.  I chop my … [Read more...]


10 Minute Decorating Ideas – Quick & Easy Silhouette Wall Art

  Truth time. My younger daughter has been so ready for us to do her room over.  We have great plans.  We have piles of items waiting to go in, including a glorious vintage quilt filled with very unexpected colors.  We bought a desk, know … [Read more...]


DIY Rope & Shell Beach Flag

We are looking forward to some beach time again this year, so I thought I would share this fun beach themed flag with you again. For my family, summer is about waiting to get to the beach!  But, before we can get there, there are softball games to … [Read more...]


10 Minute Ideas / T-shirt Flea Market Bag

  It is that time again - 10 Minute Ideas!  This series was born of the idea that sometimes ten minutes is all we have but that doesn't mean we can't use that time to come up with beautiful and useful ideas.  This month, we have a great team … [Read more...]


DIY Furniture Projects

When I first started blogging, my plan was to share about decorating ideas.  As time went on, I found myself inspired more and more by other bloggers who were doing DIY projects.  My perspective changed and I began looking at things in a whole new … [Read more...]


Painted Canvas: Mod Podge Photo Transfer

Since so many of us our facing cold and snowy weather, I thought I might share one of my favorite projects from the past that are perfect for a day at home... Our place, as a family – is Long Beach Island in NJ.  There is just something about being … [Read more...]


Desk Organization with Lucite Trays

  Truth time.  I have been feeling quite overwhelmed lately. I have several long to-do lists in multiple areas of work and life that it has almost left me paralyzed.   Which leads to feeling more overwhelmed because I am getting nothing … [Read more...]


Repurposed Galvanized Side Table

  I have been wanting to replace the side table in our family room for a while now.   It was slowly starting to warp and the planks were separating, so it was time for a change.  I kept looking through catalogs and seeing what was out there.  … [Read more...]


Dear Valentine’s Day Projects,

(DIY Valentine's Day Wax Seal) Dear Valentine's Day Projects, There was a time when a whole day would be dedicated to you.  My girls would put together cards for all their classmates while I worked on a new project.  Remember that year when we … [Read more...]


Getting Your Sports Equipment Organized

  I just shared about the overall process of how we organized our garage and the steps we used to get there.  You can also find all of the before and after photos as well as the specifics on everything we used to get here on The Home Depot … [Read more...]


Garage Organizing Tips

Seriously, this is one for the books.  Our garage was a disaster.  And the space was so poorly used that every time we went in there I felt overwhelmed.   It took a lot of work, but with the help of The Home Depot, we tamed that beast!  You can find … [Read more...]


Creamy Mapletini Martini

  It has long been known that we are crazy for maple syrup.  We make it.  We sell it.  We eat it.  We drink it. My hubby’s family has always makes “sugar on snow” which is just what is sounds like – hot maple syrup poured over fresh snow … [Read more...]


Quick & Easy 10 Minute Decorating – Fur Garland

  Welcome to the holiday edition of 10 minute decorating ideas!  Today I am sharing my fabulous faux fur garland.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the picture I shared of Peanut’s dress and jacket for my sister’s wedding.   We found … [Read more...]


Easy No Sew Burlap Advent Calendar

I am sharing this project again - because it is time!  If you are going to have an Advent calendar ready for December 1st, its time to get to it!  This project is so simple - you just need ribbon of your choice!  Have fun! Every year, I have the … [Read more...]


Decorating With Books – Art Covers

  Today was a gray and overcast day and I needed to bring in a bit of brightness and color.  The timing was perfect because Ashley and Jamin of The Handmade Home challenged me and a group of bloggers to take art from their amazing books and … [Read more...]


Maple Cidertini

  I  have just returned home from a fun weekend away at The Chapel Market (more on that soon!).  It was so fun and my first chance to introduce our maple syrup face to face  with people (shopping coming real soon, I promise!).  It only seemed … [Read more...]


Yardstick Ruler Craft Ideas

  Are you going to Chapel Market?  I am and I am so excited!  I am sharing a booth with my partner in crime - the ever amazing KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms!  Even if you don't come by to make any purchases, we will be sure to entertain you! … [Read more...]


Vintage Bottle Tree

  Today I want to share a fun project with you – a vintage bottle tree.  I first saw one on vacation this summer and I was so smitten by them.  Then, after doing a little bit of research, I discovered that they are a southern tradition for … [Read more...]