The Winding Down of Summer

    We have traveled a whole bunch this summer so we have not been able to enjoy our backyard as much as we usually do.   To make up for it, we are pretty much living out there now.  I even worked from there the whole day earlier this … [Read more...]


10 Minute Ideas – Organizing Your Pool Area Vintage Style

  Welcome to this month's 10 minute ideas. This is the time when we share ideas for decorating or organizing your home that only take ten minutes.  Because, sometimes, that is all we have time for.   This month we are focusing on organizing … [Read more...]


DIY Rope & Shell Beach Flag

We are looking forward to some beach time again this year, so I thought I would share this fun beach themed flag with you again. For my family, summer is about waiting to get to the beach!  But, before we can get there, there are softball games to … [Read more...]


End of School Outdoor S’mores Party

  When our kids were younger, most of the kids in the neighborhood were younger too.  When the last day of school would come around, there would be swimming parties or pizza and ice cream parties somewhere in the neighborhood.  Now, the last … [Read more...]

All Weather Outdoor Furniture

Decorating an Outdoor Seating Area

  The house I grew up in was a split-level home with the kitchen on the second floor.   There was a door in the kitchen and the dining room to the back of the house, which would be great under normal circumstances.  However, in our home, … [Read more...]


Front Porch Christmas Decorating – Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour

  Welcome to our front porch.  Mother Nature decided to show up at the very last minute with some pretty and white fluffy snow - just for you!  Today, I am part of the Blogger Stylin' Home Tours, sponsored by Lindsay of The White Buffalo … [Read more...]


Junkers Unite With A Vintage Christmas Front Porch

  I have been hard at work bringing a little bit of Christmas to our front porch – and as usual, I like to bring in a bunch of vintage and sentimental “junk” to make it perfectly us.  Oh, and if you are joining me for the first time as part … [Read more...]



This post is written in conjunction with my partnership with Command Brand. Today I want to share with some simple Christmas front door ideas.  Now, I don’t want you to worry that I have already decorated my front door in November, I am not that … [Read more...]


Vintage Bottle Tree

  Today I want to share a fun project with you – a vintage bottle tree.  I first saw one on vacation this summer and I was so smitten by them.  Then, after doing a little bit of research, I discovered that they are a southern tradition for … [Read more...]


Garage Entry Fall Makeover

  Recently, Wayfair challenged me to complete a DIY makeover on a front entry.  Actually two of them - first spruce up the whole area, and then freshen it up for fall.  I knew right away I didn't want to do my front door.  That area has had … [Read more...]


Outdoor Fall Decorating – Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour

  Today, I am super excited to share our outdoor fall decorating with you!  I am joining a bunch of other talented bloggers as part of the Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours that is being hosted by the superbly talented Lindsay of The White Buffalo … [Read more...]


DIY Coffee Table out of a Chicken Crate / Coop

Have you ever had something in your “storage space” forever, knowing, someday, you would know exactly what to do with it? That is the case with our DIY coffee table out of a chicken crate / coop.  I bought  the crate few years ago at a yard sale.  … [Read more...]


DIY Galvanized Top Bench

I have been so enjoying really dressing up my porch this summer and creating some fun projects.  This time, my crew and I made a DIY Galvanized Top Bench for our front porch.  I have long wanted a bench to “just fit” this spot by our front door.  And … [Read more...]


Summer Front Porch Decorating

This is a sponsored post, although all opinions and ideas are my own.   Don’t you think the whole concept of blogging is a little strange?  I know, that is an odd question coming from a blogger. But here I am, sharing with you about … [Read more...]


DIY Solar Paper Lantern

Today is a fun day around these parts.  Today is all about "Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue"!  Not only am I sharing my fun project, a DIY solar paper lantern, but I am also sharing links to 110 other red, white and blue themed projects.  … [Read more...]


Summer Home Tour!

Although the calendar does not yet officially say so, I say - it's summer! And what better way to start things off then with a summer home tour - hosted by the ever lovely Gina of the Shabby Creek Cottage. If you are joining me from "Jenn … [Read more...]


Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

Today, I thought we would visit one of my favorite projects perfect for this time of year. I made my first attempt at pounding the tar out of vintage silverware (larger serving utensils), stamped them and attached them to a vintage baby … [Read more...]


Repurposed – Spindle and Railing Candlesticks

I will admit it.  There are a few piles of items discreetly tucked away around my property, waiting to be repurposed. There is a pile of white picket fences waiting for a host of fun projects.  There is a stack of old wood beautifully weathering, … [Read more...]


What I am Planting Now to Cut Later

Every week, for as long as I can remember, my stepfather brought my mom a bouquet of flowers.  The florist in town really loved him.  I think they sent us a Christmas card. … [Read more...]


Warm Weather Outdoor Decorating Ideas

I actually opened windows in my house today. And it was glorious. Tomorrow, though it is going to be cold again.  But that is okay.  I just needed a taste to start.  To start thinking and planning for new ideas for outdoor decorating. … [Read more...]


So You want to Build a snowman- Galvanized Snowman

Have you seen Frozen? Didn’t Olaf make a great movie even better? If you didn’t see it, Olaf is the snowman sidekick. And then there is the song… “Do you want to build a snowman…” Well we did, but we decided to build a galvanized snowman.   … [Read more...]