Dressing Yourself and Dressing Your Home

  Do you ever find that decorating and your personal clothing style start to seem alike.  I stopped myself today in a store from buying shirt that was the same pattern as the runner on my coffee table.  I thought that might be going a little … [Read more...]


7 Steps For Organizing Your Home – Without Getting Overwhelmed

I have been digging through some of my favorite posts and sharing one with you today. I must admit something. Sometimes, I don’t do something simply because of the fact that it is trendy. Really, that is just silly.  If I like something, I should … [Read more...]


10 Minute Decorating Ideas – Quick & Easy Silhouette Wall Art

  Truth time. My younger daughter has been so ready for us to do her room over.  We have great plans.  We have piles of items waiting to go in, including a glorious vintage quilt filled with very unexpected colors.  We bought a desk, know … [Read more...]


Beach Houses and Wishes

  There is one thing my family has become very competitive about over the last few years. Punch buggy. We are really not about the punch, more about finding one first and yelling it out really quick.  Sometimes, there are unintentional … [Read more...]


10 Minute Ideas – Organizing Your Pool Area Vintage Style

  Welcome to this month's 10 minute ideas. This is the time when we share ideas for decorating or organizing your home that only take ten minutes.  Because, sometimes, that is all we have time for.   This month we are focusing on organizing … [Read more...]


Farm Fresh Milk Vintage Printable

  Do you ever find that once you find yourself drawn to a particular type of style, or I hesitantly say "theme", you are drawn to it again and again?  When I have decorated my home for the summer in the past, I have very much enjoyed bringing … [Read more...]


DIY Rope & Shell Beach Flag

We are looking forward to some beach time again this year, so I thought I would share this fun beach themed flag with you again. For my family, summer is about waiting to get to the beach!  But, before we can get there, there are softball games to … [Read more...]


Easy Summer Table Ideas – 4th of July

  Hello Friends!  Today I have joined with a whole group of bloggers to share red, white & blue ideas for food, decor and crafts.   Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to see all of the projects. I decided to share some table ideas … [Read more...]

Decorating-with-Summer-Flowers copy

Gathering at a Summer Table

  It seems like there is a never ending debate about dining rooms.  Many people feel they are not necessary if you are only going to use them for holidays and special occasions.  Other people keep them very formal and they are used even less … [Read more...]


Beach Decor – Reclaimed Wood Whale Art

This week I share our current summer mantel.  I thought today I would share one of my previous summer mantels with one of my favorite projects. But this is really not about a mantel. It is about several stories coming together and resulting in a  … [Read more...]


Simple Summer Mantel

  So it is still not officially summer and my kids are still in school, but I must admit I am already in full summer mode.  In fact, I am writing this post on my second vacation of the summer.  Don't hate me, but I am in Hawaii visiting one … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall - Simple Updates

Easy Summer Kitchen & Gallery Wall Updates

  Sometimes I dig through my "stash" and I am intrigued with the items I have collected over the years.  I have purged quite a bit over the last year, and truthfully, I am ready for another purge soon.  On the other side of it, however, I am … [Read more...]


Summer Home Tour – Farmhouse Fresh

  The Tuesday morning after Memorial Day weekend is that perfect blend of well rested and bummed that the weekend is over.  Luckily, today, I am able to start this Tuesday by joining Gina of Shabby Creek Cottage on her Summer Tour of Homes. … [Read more...]


End of School Outdoor S’mores Party

  When our kids were younger, most of the kids in the neighborhood were younger too.  When the last day of school would come around, there would be swimming parties or pizza and ice cream parties somewhere in the neighborhood.  Now, the last … [Read more...]

All Weather Outdoor Furniture

Decorating an Outdoor Seating Area

  The house I grew up in was a split-level home with the kitchen on the second floor.   There was a door in the kitchen and the dining room to the back of the house, which would be great under normal circumstances.  However, in our home, … [Read more...]


On Mirrors and Decorating Your Home

  This post really is about decorating your home, but if you will indulge me, I want to first talk about clothing shopping. And mirrors. A few days ago I went shopping at our local mall.  I have a bunch of events, weddings, travel, etc. … [Read more...]


Okay, Laundry Room – It Is On!

  Here is the thing with laundry.  Even when your done, unless you are naked, you are not done. You are never done. There is always laundry to be done.  I have been known to threaten my family with requiring them to wear whatever they … [Read more...]



  Hello sweet friends!  We are still quite busy in the sugar house - the sap is a'runnin'! Just dropping in for a quick sharing of what I have found of interest around the internet this week. … [Read more...]


Home Office Organizing and Decorating

  A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts on balance.  Actually, to be more accurate, I shared how I believe that balance is a myth.   We spend so much time trying to do all things well, all at the same time and it usually ends up in failure.  … [Read more...]


Quick Spring Cleaning Secrets (Because My Floors are Covered in Mud!)

  The first place I need to start today is with honesty.  Our front foyer currently looks nothing like this.  It is taking a hard hit daily.  My people are messy.  And by people, I mean people and dogs. … [Read more...]


Spring Mantel Decorating

  Phew. The last few weeks have been so crazy rushed and busy.  Now that my daughter’s play  is over, time has opened up some.  However, most of the time has been consumed by a Sap Tsunami!  The sap didn’t run, didn’t run, and now – it is … [Read more...]