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Welcome to Finding Home! We are so glad you have joined us. We are Laura and Dana, and along with our daughters, fondly called Sunshine and Peanut, we live in the Hudson Valley of New York. This blog has been my world for four years, where I have happily shared decorating ideas and DIY projects. But now, it is a family affair. You see, the whole time I was trying to figure out the world of blogging, Dana was stressed and run down doing the corporate gig. He was traveling the globe in a great job, but he was never home.

After fourteen years, we decided it was time to start a new path. We didn’t know what our journey would be when we made that leap 18 months ago, but we are more than delighted with where we have landed. You see, Dana grew up on a dairy farm in NH and his favorite time of the year was the 6 weeks of “sugaring” when they made maple syrup. So, for the past 14 years we have been “backyard sugar makers”, crafting just enough syrup to share with our neighbors. Those six weeks were always his happiest.

Now, we are going for the BIG dream – making a life AND a living doing what we love best – crafting maple syrup and creating a welcoming home. We have built a sugarhouse and online store so we can share these great passions with you. You can shop for maple syrup right along with home decor and holiday items.

This blog is our place to share all of our ideas, inspiration and the day to day of figuring out of this business and daily life. And sometimes, just trying to figure out what to make for dinner. We hope you will join us on our ever-changing journey toward FINDING HOME.



If you would like to read the story of how we got to this point, you can start HERE.

Meet Laura and Dana Putnam, a DIY maven and a former corporate all-star, a couple in love with all things “home.” Laura started Finding Home as a blog space dedicated to sharing ideas on home inspirations, DIY projects, and other information to help her readers create comfortable living spaces. Dana is a third generation sugar maker and wanted to leave his desk job to carry on the family tradition of creating delicious maple products. Together, the Putnam’s have built a business on the foundation of family and home.  Taking inspiration from Laura’s grandfather and his love of cardinals, and the story of Noah’s dove, we have created a visual representation of the spirit behind Finding Home – the spirit of family, warmth, and defining a space where those things come to life.   The dove brought an olive branch home, but in our case, a cardinal brings a maple leaf home.



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Laura Putnam has long believed that your home should be where you are most comfortable and be a reflection of yourself and your family. She has spent more than a decade helping others create welcoming homes for their families. Now, this blog is where she shares her best ideas, inspiration,

recipes and DIY projects to help you create your own dream home and comfort zones (and clearly, dorky rhymes). She is somewhat obsessed with galvanized-metal-anything, has never met an old door or vintage tool box she didn’t want to get in a committed relationship with, and has been known to be an incredible klutz, never seeming to have full control of her limbs. And one key point, she is crazy in love with her family and so incredibly grateful for them.

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After years of a high profile, high travel, high stress corporate job (ugh), Dana Putnam has taken the big leap out of the corporate world to have a job that brings together a living with living. He has returned to his roots and what he is most passionate about – making maple syrup. As a third generation sugar maker, he is merging old traditions with new technology to find the sweetness in life. When he isn’t boiling sap or tapping trees, he can usually be found researching a better way to make maple syrup, running or coaching our girls’ multiple sports teams. Dana still keeps his Phd. education active with his consulting business, dabbling in the world of animal nutrition.