A Spring Table Setting

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Do you ever wonder why you like the things that you like?

I sometimes wonder where my love for old things has come from.  Why nothing makes me happier on a spring table setting than vintage hankies.

And beautiful tulips.


I had lunch at a beautiful tea room the other day with a friend.  She is the type of friend who asks you really hard questions and makes you think about yourself.  Like – what are you best at?  Why do you love to decorate?

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And I realize that so much of what I do in decorating, as I have said so many times before, is because it has sentimental attachment.  That I like things with a story behind them.  I like a history.

It makes me think about when I was growing up and the time at my grandparents’ home.

Time there was free of stress and responsibilities.  It was a classic home filled with crystal doorknobs on solid wood doors, carved banisters, blue square tiled bathrooms, and a bread drawer in the kitchen.

Vintage-Silverware-Table-Setting copy

We had Wednesday spaghetti nights and Sunday family dinners.  And there was a backyard just big enough for a sprinkler.

But then, they made the decision to move to the warmth of Florida.

And when my Grandfather passed away, my Grandmother quickly wanted to return home to be around family.  And so, out of necessity, most things were sold quickly and only a small amount of things were saved to be shared among the family.  I am not aware of anything that had really monetary value, but priceless sentimental value.

And so, I seek out gems of history, like old toolboxes, pretty hankies, mason jars with clever sayings and vintage silverware.  I seek them, and I use them because I find them pretty and interesting and unique.


But I am beginning to realize that it is also because a part of me is trying to create a history for my own children.  For my children to remember this home in the same type of great detail that I can recall of my grandparents’ home.

I want them to remember the crystal doorknobs placed throughout our home and desks built out of solid wood doors (coming soon!).

I want them to remember carved banisters and bright yellow bathrooms.

Tulips-for-a-spring-table-setting copy

And I really want them to remember the bread drawer in the kitchen.

And I want them to remember this home, or any home we live in, as a place of security and love.  I want it to be a place where they learned about responsibilities and loving each other well.

We are lucky enough to have a pool, but I want us to always still break out the sprinkler on hot days.

We may not have Wednesday spaghetti night, but we do a lot of “Taco Tuesdays” and from time to time, there is a big Sunday dinner thrown in there.

Spring-Easter-Table-Setting copy

And sometime we will eat it on paper plates at the island because that is just life sometimes, and that is okay.

But sometimes, we will place springtime tulips and pretty eggs in a basket.  And we will use vintage silverware and wipe our hands and mouths on pretty hankies.

I wish each of you a springtime table filled with whomever and whatever it is you love most.

Thanks so much for reading.

P.S. And if you want more spring and Easter table setting ideas, make sure to stop back next week when I will be sharing another tablescape along with a whole bunch of other amazing bloggers.

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  1. Diane Hinnant says

    Laura, your table is beautiful, but your words even more so. Thank you for sharing such sweet sentiments with us.

  2. Patty says

    What a nice post. I know exactly how you feel! Especially the part about home. Thanks Laura! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Michelle says

    So pretty, the post and the table. You must have such wonderful memories of your grandparents and childhood.

  4. Rick S says

    I think there are many people that need to live today with a dose of yesteryear. Many of the times that make memories are unrushed calm. Taking time to eat together, readint a book, or baking a cake. We need some of yesterday’s routines to slow down our lives today.
    I grew up with sunday dinners, picking berries, and playing with cousins. I treasure my gramma’s egg baskets and my mom’s glassware and iced tea spoons. My wife always has a vintage pin on her winter coats. It becomes who you are and what you care about. Using these items is what makes them treasures, and our lives better.
    I think we all need to write at least a few of our life stories for the family that follows us.

  5. Michelle says

    What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your sweet memories and your beautiful home.

  6. says

    Laura so touching and beautifully written. I love the white twine wrapped eggs and have always wanted that Ikea white lacey vase but never seem to grab it at the store!, now I’m regretting that as I see yours so perfectly placed.

  7. says

    What a beautiful post. The table looks very pretty too 😉 You made me think of holidays at my grandparents as I was reading it. Thank you, it was a nice little reminder :)

  8. says

    You said this so well, I think we all want a link to the past. You were so fortunate to grow up with your grand parents around…mine were gone when I was at a very young age. But nothing is better than a leisurely walk through an antique store, touching things that were used so long ago, treasured and loved by another family perhaps. And then there is my love for one of a kind pieces. Yes!

    Your table look SO pretty! I can’t wait to see what you have next week! :)


  9. says

    This post was absolutely beautiful, Laura. I could have written it myself when thinking about my Aunt Virgie’s old house, which I’m pretty sure is why I love to decorate too. I seek that “feeling” that her home provided and like you, I’ve realized it comes down to the little memories made inside (like Sunday dinner), not just the aesthetics. Your spring table is gorgeous as is everything you do. I love those little eggs! I’m a bit out of the blog loop…did you make them yourself? I will look through your posts.

  10. Jane says

    This is one of the most heart felt posts I have ever read. Thank you with love for the memories.
    Where did you learn to do those eggs?

  11. says

    What a beautiful post, Laura. Your table is so pretty but I really appreciated your thoughts on making your home a special place for your own children and to create sweet memories for them. I’ll look forward to next week’s Easter
    tablescapes. Blessings. Pamela

  12. says

    Beautiful post, Laura. Both my girls are at college and it made me think. I wonder what they think of when they think of home. I will have to ask them. Never thought about it before.. thanks for planing the seed. great post, as always.

  13. says

    Beautiful memories with grandparents…. I too have those stored away , clutched close to my breast. A time of sweetness and luv.
    I was lucky to inherit some luvly things from my husbands family that I cherish. I can relate to your post evry much.
    Thanks for taking me down a warm memory lane….
    Hugs, Gee

  14. says

    Laura, I love your decorating because your style has a collected look. The history (and memories) are evident in your photographs. (Plus, you’re just so darn talented!)

  15. says

    Beautiful pictures and words! I have the same kind of warm feelings about my grandma’s house, too. I am always quick to buy something for my home that reminds me of her house or things she used. I think it’s also why I enjoy baking…because she was always baking and the smells and tastes send me right back to her house. I want my kids to have those fond memories as well.

    Have a great day, Laura!

  16. says

    That is just absolutely gorgeous Laura! I feel the same way about surrounding myself and my children with heirlooms and encouraging a love of family history. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and beautiful words with us today!

  17. Donna W says

    What a beautiful post. I also love old things and I think you hit the nail on the head as to why I do. Thanks!