A New Painting from The Old Post Road

Before I start my regularly scheduled post, just a quick note to my email subscribers.  I am so pleased I finally figured out how to change the template to reflect the new blog design.  However, my apologies that the last two posts were delivered twice.  I am fairly certain I have resolved the issue, so hopefully all goes forward smoothly.  Thanks!

I have long admired the work of Trish from the Old Post Road.


And recently I found the perfect painting.

A great reminder, so I placed in right on the mantel where it can easily be seen.


The adorable cat is a thoughtful gift from one of my Betties when she visited recently.


I also really love this painting she created – the colors are so beautiful.

Be Joyful Orange Flowers Original Scripture Art

When I visited Trish’s blog today, there was an extra surprise of two beautiful printables she made.

 Please stop by her blog for the images and visit her shop to see her beautiful paintings.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. says

    Trish is my neighbor and she is about is good as they get. And also as a Georgia Tech grad, a great resource to send my children when I can’t understand their math homework.