Finding Your Landscape Style – Part 2

Recently I shared Part 1 of Finding Your Landscape Style. I am really hoping that by sharing the mistakes we have made in regards to our landscaping, I can prevent you from doing the same. I have been working over the last few weeks to make better … [Read more...]


Finding Your Landscape Style – Part 1

Last week, I shared our Fairy Garden.  Since finishing this project we are moving on to our “full-sized” gardens. We have managed to get outside and start working outdoors much earlier than usual because of the mild weather. And this is a good … [Read more...]

Recycling a Great Story

This is a recycled post, I hope you don’t mind. There are quite a few new people around these parts since I first wrote it a year ago and this story is just so good! We are back in to softball season around here and I wrote this during the playoff … [Read more...]


Embroidered Eiffel Tower

A bit ago I completed an embroidered Eiffel Tower It was part of my spring mantel If you have read my blog for any length of time, or if you follow me on Pinterest, you already know I am kind of obsessed with embroidery. Actually, any kind of … [Read more...]


Why I Love Instagram

Do you Instagram? I do and I love it! Why? Lots of reasons, like… …I can quick share an estate sale find, or when my daughter falls asleep so beautifully during our Mom & Dad’s room sleepover – camera is nowhere to be found but my phone … [Read more...]


Our Fairy Garden

Our Spring break has come to and end. It was relaxing, without a schedule and unrushed. Just what we needed. We did manage to get one project done though, we made a fairy garden. I “pinned” many of these over my Pinterest days and then a few … [Read more...]


A Barbie World

When I was growing up, Cindy and Cheryl across the street had every Barbie you could ever imagine. And every car and house. At least that is how I remember it. Luckily, they let me come and play all the time. To the best of my memory, I had three … [Read more...]


Farmgirl Paints

Yesterday I shared the gifts I made for Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants as part of the Pass It On Project. I was invited my Kelly at Eclectically Vintage to participate. The idea of the project is to pick two bloggers, send them two gifts – one to keep, … [Read more...]


Ms. Smartie Pants

When Kelly from Eclectically Vintage contacted me about The Pass It on Project (you can read about what Kelly sent me here) I knew right away, I wanted to ask Laura from Ms. Smartie Pants if she would like to participate and I was thankful she … [Read more...]


Our Easter Story

I am pretty sure it was our best Easter ever. We started with Easter Vigil Mass Saturday night. We got there so early, we were rushing around assuming we were late (as usual!) and got in the car only to realize how early it was. Oh well. So … [Read more...]


Wishing Blessings

I have not been around much – only two posts in two weeks – sorry! Not any particular reason, just getting my head sorted out I guess – all in a good way though! I had plans to try and get a bunch of posts done, but instead, I am going to relax and … [Read more...]


Learning from Women’s Basketball

When you grow up tall, when people meet you they ask how tall you are. When you answer, 5’ 10”, they often say, “Oh, you should play basketball”. Although height helps, it does not make one a basketball player – skill, determination and … [Read more...]