Ringing in the New

I am pretty sure we are all feeling the same way. Is it really December 31st? Sorry, Bailey had to take a moment and wish you, on our behalf, a very Happy 2012! Where did it really go? For me and my blog, 2011 was the year to decide - “I’m … [Read more...]


A Year in Reflection

It is amazing to realize that 2011 is already coming to a close and 2012 is right around the corner. As always happens at this time of year, we reflect back on what we have accomplished and what lies ahead. Rhoda, at Southern Hospitality is having … [Read more...]


Holiday Wishes

I had a whole bunch of things to blog about over the last few days, but it is not happening. I have decided to not get stressed out with Christmas this year and so far I have been fairly successful.  In order to not get too crazy, I had to let the … [Read more...]


Our Blog Community

A few months ago I was feeling a little frustrated, for a whole host of reasons. I think we all have those points. Although it is never easy to see it when you are in them, I am finding that on the other side of frustration, good things come. At … [Read more...]


Fa La La La Fabulous Friday! (3)

As always, it is hard to believe how quickly Christmas comes upon us, but this is third and final Fa La La La Fabulous Friday.   There are so many great Christmas displays out there, there was a lot to choose from, but here a few I wanted to … [Read more...]


Our Christmas Kitchen

Just a quick share of our kitchen this Christmas.. Our precious hand artwork from the preschool years. A few from the family room… The glass and metal table is from Pottery Barn, but I actually found it at an estate sale.  I usually try to do … [Read more...]


Our Christmas Trees

To tell you about our Christmas trees, I will need to tell you about one of my greatest treasure finds – EVER! This incredible box is built of old road mileage signs, cut down into a box.  The man who made it didn’t even care enough about the … [Read more...]


Our Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our home! This is our entry… I have placed our Nativity here for the first time and I quite like it there. It is our tradition to not put out Jesus until we return from Christmas Eve mass.  Our kids love running home and putting him … [Read more...]



As you most likely know, I have been blogging for just over a year now. This time last year, I will admit, I had a goal number of followers I was hoping for and did not come even close to reaching. I was disappointed, but it help me get … [Read more...]


Fa La La La Fabulous Friday (2)

Welcome to the 2nd Fa La La Fabulous Friday! This week, I am going to feature mantels. They seem to be one of my favorite things to decorate and I really enjoy looking at all the other designs out there. First up, this fun and colorful mantel … [Read more...]


If it’s not done, it’s not getting done

It is official – I am done decorating. Tonight we finished the tree.  We started it the other night but quickly realized that we were all cranky and tired and decided to hold off. I mostly sat back and watched the girls and the hubby decorate the … [Read more...]


Vintage Christmas Shelf

I have been finishing up our basement for Christmas and I thought I would share our shelf vignette. The main focus point is our amazing N.H. Maple Syrup sign that my amazing Betty – Kathy, found for me a while back at the Brimfield antiques show.  … [Read more...]


Merry and Bright Christmas Table

Christmas has come to our dining room and it is feeling Merry and Bright! To begin, I believe this is the first time I am showing this wall since I made some changes.  The starting point was the stunning painting by Jennifer Lanne that can be found … [Read more...]


FH on The Old Painted Cottage

I would like to thank Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage for featuring Finding Home on her December Cottage of the Month Honorable Mentions. Please take a moment and visit the beautiful home that she did feature this month along with the other … [Read more...]


Christmas Table of Wishes

Our kitchen is set with a casual Christmas welcome. I kept things classic and rustic to tie in with our Mantel. I used a simple plaid runner and Christmas plates picked up over the last few years at Target. I went to my favorite old wooden … [Read more...]


Fa La La La Fabulous Friday

Welcome to the our first Fa La La La Fabulous Friday! (if you read via email, sorry you are getting this on Saturday!) This is where I share all of the fabulous holiday projects all of YOU have been working on out there. First up, is the lovely … [Read more...]


Christmas Mantel

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, the snow is glistening.. Well, not really, but I am hoping it will be soon! Maybe this makes me a dork, okay, it definitely makes me a dork, but I have had a vision for this mantel in my head for … [Read more...]