One More Week

Anyone ever see the movie Blazing Saddles? Do you remember that line: "I'm so tie-wed, I need some wed woses". I need me some wed woses. Not trying to be a whiny pants, but I am not gonna lie, feeling a little whiny. It is one week till my Home … [Read more...]

Fall Wreaths

Fall Door Decor

So, yesterday I pulled together all of the Halloween Wreaths I have been working on. Today, I am going to share my fall wreaths. This one gets a little long, so I hope you will stay with me! I am not going to lie. This one took a long … [Read more...]


Halloween Door Decor

Over the past week, I have been showing you the Halloween wreaths I have been working on for my upcoming Home and Holiday Sale. Today, I wanted to share two new wreaths with you. For this one, the steps were easy once again. I started with a … [Read more...]


A Year In Mantels

Sometimes time goes so fast that I am always looking for something tangible to mark the time. So, since so many of us seem to be in a mantel mood getting ourselves ready for fall, I thought this seemed like a good time to review my past year of … [Read more...]


Weekend Wishes!

Wishing you all a productive, yet relaxing weekend. Isn’t that what we all wish for? I am lucky enough to be spending the weekend with My Betties. Can’t ask for more than that! I first introduced you to my Betties when the first of us turned … [Read more...]


Fall Mantel 2011

So, here we are again, fall mantels. Whoo, that went fast. I knew I wanted to work with owls and feathers, kind of obsessed with them lately. But, other than that, I wasn’t sure. It was actually my sister’s idea to use the door as the back drop – … [Read more...]


Halloween Wreath Take 2

  The other day I showed you the first item, the Black and Bling wreath from my Halloween crafts I have been making for my Home and Harvest Sale upcoming in a few weeks. Today, I want to share my next wreath, Bones and Spiders. I did … [Read more...]


Home and Harvest 2011

When I was about 12 years old, when I probably should have been thinking about all the boys in Teen Beat, I was instead sketching my dream retail store. Seriously, I am not lying. Dork, right? That’s okay, I own it. If anyone is familiar with … [Read more...]


A Crafting Fool

I have been holed in my basement for days! Crafting away like a crafting fool! I am getting ready for my next home sale This time, I am trying to have more items that are handmade, something that can’t (hopefully) be found in HomeGoods or … [Read more...]


Forever Changed

Today is a day to remember all that was lost 10 years ago today. We were all impacted. We were all forever changed. The impact was very direct here in New York, so many loved ones lost. God Bless America! … [Read more...]


Thank You

I realize that I have missed my “blogaversary”, it was on the 2nd. Technically, I wrote a post the previous January, but it just sat until September 2nd. Not that anyone was going to check my accuracy, just going for full disclosure here. Here I … [Read more...]


Just Run

When I was growing up, sports involving balls were not my talent. So, I joined track. When I started as a freshman I guess I looked like a girl who had just graduated.  She was an fantastic high jumper and hurdler.  So the decision was made that I … [Read more...]