I’m going to be in a parade!

No, not a marching band.  Although, I will admit I once did play the big giant drum that you bang on both sides in a parade.  And yes, I know I should know what is called if I played it, but I don’t. This parade I will enjoy much … [Read more...]


I have something in common with PB

Check out the wooden box on the desk featured in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. Does it look familiar? I found this at a yard sale last year.  The lady I bought it from said that wherever she had bought it, at a flea market I think, they had … [Read more...]


Please Come On By!

So, I finally have photos of our home on the “Our Home” tab above.  Please come in for a visit, wish we could have a cup of coffee together!  The living room and dining room currently have just one picture, but I will be adding more over the next … [Read more...]

White Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Makeover Before and After

All resources for our kitchen can be found here. The layout measurements of our kitchen can be found here. In 2010, after 10 years in our home, we decided to renovate our kitchen. Nothing was wrong with it, but we were ready for something … [Read more...]


Busy as a bee…

We have been very busy around these parts, getting ready for our upcoming sale, re-doing Blondie’s room and photographing the first floor to finally put up on the blog.  Of course, if we actually had some sun in these parts, the photographing part … [Read more...]


DOL and It is Time

No, I did not misspell doll.  I meant to say DOL.  My daughter has a winter hat with those initials on it and it has stuck with me.  It stands for “Dream Out Loud”. So, that is what I am doing today, finally. I am no longer just saying I am … [Read more...]


Bad Primer and a Blown Hose

So, Blondie’s room is primed.  Well, pretty much.  Not too happy with the primer my paint store sold me.  The top green color really did not fully get covered.  I got a second coat on almost everything, but then, I ran out.  Very frustrating.  This … [Read more...]


A Munchkin and Teenagers are Not Evil

 So, I have mentioned before that Blondie had the amazing opportunity as a fifth grader to be part of the High School Drama Production of The Wiz.  What is she?  A Hip-Hop Munchkin of course! I was initially intimidated with figuring out the … [Read more...]


Gallery Wall in my bedroom

I have not really shown you my bedroom at all, but here is a first little peak.  I have two shelves creating a changeable gallery area of favorite photos and mementoes. I see it each morning when I wake up, of course, after I put my glasses … [Read more...]


Spring Mantel after a little zhushing…

I already posted my Spring Mantel, and I even said I was going to just leave it alone.  But of course, I didn’t, I tweaked it a little bit, took some better photos with better light, yaddy yaddy.  Sometimes I just cant stop myself. But mostly, I am … [Read more...]


If you take pictures with your smartphone…

If you post pictures you have taken with your smart phone, please watch this link.  Maybe I am late to the party in knowing about this, but unless you turn off your location settings, all pictures that you post have the location embedded in the … [Read more...]


The Impact of Painting a Fireplace

Yesterday, I shared the family room transformation of my client Linda’s home.  This was a long project as it was a whole house update.  Each step of the process was a big transition for my client and it was sometimes challenging for her. This is the … [Read more...]


If I were to get married again….

If I were to get married again, I would most definitely marry the same man. I loved everything about our wedding, don’t get me wrong. But… if I were to do it again, it would look something like this… I think a chandelier like that is certianly … [Read more...]


Client Work: Linda’s Family Room

Previously, I shared the living room transformation of a client of mine, Linda.  You can read more about that here. This home was built in 1981 and pretty much was as it was when it was built.  It needed to be opened up, refreshed and … [Read more...]